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University holding 800 pounds of dead mice for public sewer dumping

University disposes dead research mice into Oahu sewers
University disposes dead research mice into Oahu sewers

A University of Hawaii Manoa, spokeswoman claims that the school is following a standard used by a number of universities, in the disposal of its waste products generated through its research and science program.

According to a March 4, updated report by Hawaii News Now, the university disposes of hundreds of thousands of lab mice, (some infected with diseases for research purposes) by boiling the rodents in a "tissue generator" to liquefy the remains, and dumping the liquid into the public sewer system.

"UH officials and the city say the dumping poses no health risk to the public and that any mice that are infected with diseases are first frozen, then sterilized, then pressure cooked before they sent into the sewers."

"We believe that it is safe, yes," said UH spokeswoman Talia Ogliore. Other universities handle this in a similar way."

Local environmentalist have some concerns related to the infected animals. Reportedly the infected mice are treated with a chemical solution, and frozen for six-hours before the boiling process. This neutralizes any contamination.

According to the report, the tissue generator used to boil the mice has been inoperative for months. The university has accumulated 800-pounds of dead, frozen mice remains.