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Universal Society of Ancient Ministry to hold open Imbolc this weekend

Bright Blessings.

Universal Society of Ancient Ministry
Universal Society of Ancient Ministry

This Sunday, February 2nd, the Universal Society of Ancient Ministry will be hosting Imbolc at the American Legion Hall 37060 Huron River Drive in New Boston. An open Sabbat Circle, all are welcome to the public ritual as long as they come with good energy. This is one of the first events they are holding publicly as they celebrate the Turning of the Wheel of the Year.

It begins at 2:00 pm, though as a reminder to those who are attending, this writer would like you to remember the old adage that to be on time is to be late, to be early is to be on time. Tardiness is a measure of unmindfulness that this writer hopes will be more and more rare in gatherings.

The church states:

"The year’s first of the cross quarter Celtic holidays, Imbolc, celebrates the approaching end of winter – returning of the light. It begins the theme of the cycle of growth that carries through the year. We notice the stirring of the new seed in the cold dark soil – the growth in nature is happening but below the surface – in the root system.

We humans are also transitioning from the dark winter of silence and rest deep within ourselves. At this time we begin planning our dreams for the coming year, at Imbolc we see these plans. These resolutions begin further development. It is time for us to awaken from sleep"

The admission to the event has not cost, but donations toward the cost of the hall rental are appreciated. The church also collects for “Pagans in Need”, so if you are able, please bring canned good donations.

This event promises to plant a seed of hope within the community for the upcoming year, here is hoping you can attend and share in its blessings. May the Light shine upon you all.

Blessed Be

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