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Universal Motown's Damato Soon To Release New Album 'Everybody vs You and Me'

Singer Songwriter Damato
Singer Songwriter Damato
LeAnn Mueller

He has the youthful passion and excitement that only a twenty-three year-old about to hit it big can possess. Jason Damato (he goes by Damato) is a musician who describes his music as "very uplifting, emotional, soul pop rock" and he says of himself that he represents love and forgiveness. The songs he writes and sings are about hope, determination and dreams come true, and yes, even about heartbreak.

When asked how it was that he came to discover his love for music as well as his musical talents, the young artist says that this came from listening to a lot of old school Smokey Robinson, one of his musical idols. "I would listen to 'Tracks of My Tears' in the car while my Mom would be out shopping." Of music, Damato says that, "It has always been my salavation. It's a euphoric force unlike any I've ever encountered thus far in my life." He says that he was hooked from a very young age and knew his calling. "My Mother and Father made a decision to raise us without any television or movies and secular music, except for a few golden oldies for which I'm so grateful now oddly enough." His parents had an old guitar and keyboard laying around that nobody touched for years. And so the story goes that every time Damato would get grounded for getting into trouble, which was apparently quite often, these were the only two objects that he was allowed to enjoy. These two instruments provided an escape from his universe as well as a much needed form of entertainment and as he grew older, these became his passion and way of life.

Dana Feldman - What do you personally see as the challenges for making it in the music industry today with all of the many changes this particular industry has seen lately?

Damato - Great question! Well, personally, I've found the greatest challenge for me has been to remain focused on the goal that I set out to meet, which was to be a part of changing lives somehow through my music. I try not to get too caught up in the glamour that this wonderful opportunity in life can wrap you up in. So, I always remember to remain focused, humble, grateful, confident and eager to perform, entertain and lift people up!

DF - What do you feel are the positives in making it in music today with the many changes including the Internet?

Damato - Music is so openly available to create now which is one really positive point. What used to cost a fortune to create now only costs a computer and some instruments. This has opened the door for so many new artists such as myself to be able to write, record and get their music out to the world! We're living in the viral age and that's why it's just one of the many positives in being a part of music today.

DF - Do you have any advice for other artists trying to do what you do?

Damato - You know a lot of people will tell you a lot of things. I have been told some good, some ok, and some down right insane! At the end of the day, you have to listen to your heart and remember that life is too short to ever give up.

Damato's final advice is simple and wise, "Live free, love hard, and keep making music! Live the life you love, and love the life you live!"

DF - How did you get your big break getting signed to Universal Motown?

Damato - It was a real fairytale! I still wake up and pinch myself just to make sure that it's all really happening! I went to meet with Sylvia Rhone, the President of Motown. Talk about nervous anxiety! I sang for her and she and I shared one of the most intense, emotionally uplifting conversations that I've ever had with anyone in my life. I just let go and told her the story of my life. I told her how I had run away from home at just seventeen years-old and how I was homeless, couch surfing all over San Diego as well as Los Angeles for three years. I was writing about all of my travels and the many lessons that I had learned along the way. Then just like that she says, "I'm signing you today!" Oh man, those words will never cease to replay and replay themselves in my head ever again! Now I feel that I am the luckiest kid alive to be a part of one of the greatest record labels in the world! Universal Motown has taken such amazing care and time with me over this past year and in return I've really poured my heart and soul into my upcoming debut album entitled 'Everybody vs You and Me' which is coming very very soon.

Certainly about to take the music world by storm, this young man has a lot to say, and from speaking with him, a lot to teach and a lot to give. In addition to his upcoming album, Damato is currently rehearsing with his band for an upcoming tour, details forthcoming. To find out more about him, you can check out his official website at


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