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Universal Life Church - Why Do Individuals Choose to Become Ordained Ministers?

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Ordination is a summons for the intended recipient being called to choose being a minister as their vocation. Just like youngsters are called to become doctors, lawyers, policeman and etc., ministers are called by a higher authority. However, before an individual can understand what it is to be called they must understand the difference between baptism and ordination.

All Christians are ordained during baptism to preach and to teach the Good News of Christ and to help others. While ordained Ministers look to provide such services such as preaching or teaching the Good News of Christ and ordained ministers look to help others, these should not be the reasons alone one would seek ordination as an adult. Why? Because they do not need to be once again ordained, over and above their baptism to do these things. To do these things is generally expected of all Christians.

An individual looking to become an ordained minister as an adult should be looking to do so to administer sacraments and to become a shepherd of their own flock. The latter of the two is not a requirement, but administering Sacraments very much is, not only in God's eyes, but within the law of man as well. All states and most countries require ordination for individuals to serve as wedding ministers.

Sacraments may include the sacrament of Marriage (Matrimony), Baptism, Communion (Eucharist), Confirmation, Penance, Healing of the Sick (Last Rites) and/or Holy Orders (Ordination by a Minister who has reached the stature of a Bishop). The number of Sacraments recognized usually ranges from two to seven (2-7) contingent on the belief of the individual. All Christians accept at least two of these as Sacraments, Marriage (Matrimony) and Baptism.

All Christians are disciples of Christ. Christians ordained as an adult become an Apostolate of Christ, a leader from within the Christian faith, a Shepherd of their own Flock. They become a liaison for Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, by an ordaining Bishop with lineage and succession to Christ, such as what is offered by the Universal Life Church World Headquarters. It is this Universal Life Church and only this Universal Life Church that offers authentic, legal, faith based ordination.

About The Universal Life Church
The Universal Life Church World Headquarters as the name implies is a worldwide Religious Non-Profit Organization, extending its reach to the every corner of the globe. There Boca Raton Headquarters is also a "GREEN" building benefiting you, the occupants and the environment. The Universal Life Church World Headquarters defends the unborn, feeds the hungry, shelters the homeless, educates the young, welcomes refugees, and cares for the sick, both at home and abroad. They believe the Bible is the verbally inspired, inerrant Word of God. The Universal Life Church World Headquarters offers weekly services, Bible study and faith based programming on the Universal Life Church Radio Network and through iHeartRadio. Do you wish to pursue a vocation in ministry - become a minister, get ordained or serve as a wedding officiant? They provide ordination to men and women enabling work in all facets of Christian Ministry with ministers in the USA, Canada, UK, Africa, South America, Germany, India, France, Switzerland, Thailand, Japan, Australia, China, Mexico and many other countries throughout the world.