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Universal Life Church Says Religion Should Not Promote War

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Throughout the history of mankind, religion has been the root cause of many wars, though it is actually supposed to bring peace among people. It causes misery and suffering among many people. Many people kill each other in the name of the Lord and more than anything, innocent people have suffered. Don’t you think that it’s ironic? A religion that’s supposed to bring people together has been the cause of destruction from centuries.

The moment people realize that religion is about truth and reality, wars will cease. In fact, it’s an extension of spirituality. It contains the ultimate truth about reality and people need to realize this fact. While religion is clearly dividing humans apart, it can also bring them together if we work towards it. It is actually difficult to accomplish this, but it isn’t impossible. However, if we don’t do this, religion will continue to wreak havoc in people’s lives.

Religion was actually created to teach love among people and most of the religions teach this. Though religions have a few differences, the most common factor is love. None of the religions promote war, but we have only moved in the opposite direction and fought wars against each other in the name of religion and God.

The most important thing to notice here is that war begins in the minds of people and due to religious teachings. Therefore, it is advocated that since it begins in the minds of people who are destructive, the same people should also think about being constructive. That being said, the world will never be peaceful until we demolish our selfish desires and greed for materialistic possessions. One should also give up racial discrimination to destroy hatred. Many of the wars that have taken place have only begun to greed and a desire for worldly power.

Most of these people who struggle for worldly power don’t realize that materialistic wealth is not the only answer to peace. If one country goes against another country and fight a war, one must realize that there’s equal bloodshed on both sides. Even though one country wins against another, one can’t ignore the fact that many women become widows and children become orphans in the process. As there is no positive outcome except more wealth, these wars should be stopped.

One can only attain peace by mentally detaching himself from all sorts of poisonous factors like greed, jealousy, hatred and egotism. The fact remains that religion guides people with the necessary tools to overcome aversion and hate through kindness. In addition, it is important to shed ignorance and seek knowledge as knowledge helps a person gain mental peace. The moment we accept reality and see things the way they really are, we are going to head towards progress.

The main negative aspect about religion lies in the fact that many religionists try to convert others and force them to follow their own rules. In fact, they try to convert and poison other’s minds by using devious means. All these factors truly remain the cause for more wars and bloodshed, but the moment we realize it’s wrong, the world will be a better place to live in. We still have a lot to learn about religion and unity.

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If you want to learn more about how religion is causing wars and want to contribute your bit to prevent it, you can visit the Universal Life Church.


This article discusses about how religion is the main cause of wars and bloodshed. It also sheds light on the ways and means to stop it.

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