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Universal Life Church a Cult, Scam, Ripoff or All Three?

The Universal Life Church World Headquarters Warns You To Be Careful of Fake Faith Based Credentials
The Universal Life Church World Headquarters Warns You To Be Careful of Fake Faith Based CredentialsUniversal Life Church World Headquarters

I've seen and read many times on the internet how the Universal Life Church is considered a "CULT" by many. There is a strain of Universal Life Churches, which actually started under the name "LIFE CHURCH" founded by Kirby Hensley in 1959. These LIFE CHURCH turned Universal Life Churches have no traditional doctrine and they ordain followers of satan, atheists, pagans, not to mention dogs, cats and livestock. They claim to have ordained twenty million plus, but not within any faith. Ordination from these so called churches without a doctrine allow individuals to do only one thing and that is to be able to marry people in some states and countries. Hensley, the self proclaimed "Modesto Messiah" even called himself a con artist on 60 Minutes and on CBS News. Hensley did not stand alone as many others have called him a conman, swindler and crook as well.

It is so very unfortunate that the Universal Life Church name, revered and steeped in tradition, founded by St. Ignatius of Antioch in 107 AD, has been tarnished by the actions of this self proclaimed Messiah and as he referred to the "KOOKS" dumb enough to follow him.

The one and only real faith based Universal Life Church World Headquarters located in Florida continues carrying out the mission of its founder, Jesus Christ. People throughout the world are taking note and slowly the idiocies and hypocrisies of this Kirby Hensley and his followers are dissipating into oblivion. Hensley ran for President in 1964, he either had a very small family or these millions of ministers he ordained were on vacation as he only got NINETEEN VOTES, yes 19 VOTES in a nationwide Presidential Election. It has to be the lowest figure ever for a Presidential Candidate.

Do not confuse your ULC's, the Universal Life Church World Headquarters of Florida is no where near a cult and it does incredible work throughout the world in carrying on the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.

About the Universal Life Church

Universal Life Church World Headquarters as the name implies is a worldwide Religious Non-Profit Organization that extends its reach to the every corner of the globe. The Universal Life Church World Headquarters is also a "GREEN" building benefiting the occupants and environment. The Universal Life Church World Headquarters defends the unborn, feeds the hungry, shelters the homeless, educates the young, welcomes refugees, and cares for the sick, both at home and abroad. The Universal Life Church believes the Bible is the verbally inspired, inerrant Word of God.