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Universal Healthcare: DUH campaign kick off will expose truth

DUH or Drive for Universal Healthcare is kicking off a rolling campaign of cars, 18 wheelers, motorcycles, etc. to travel together in support of removing untruths and educating people about Universal Healthcare.
DUH or Drive for Universal Healthcare is kicking off a rolling campaign of cars, 18 wheelers, motorcycles, etc. to travel together in support of removing untruths and educating people about Universal Healthcare.

The fight for Universal Healthcare is not over. The group DUH, which is the abbreviation for Drive for Universal Healthcare, is working towards the goal of allowing Americans the freedom to access Universal Health Care.

Beginning September 03, 2013 in Augusta, Maine, DUH invites all who are interested to join in their first rolling demonstration covering several states. DUH’s goal is to educate the public concerning Universal Health Care and to overcome misguided beliefs intended to scare people. This campaign will end September 12, 2013 in Springfield, IL.

The DUH campaign is open to all who would like to participate, including anyone with or without a car. Also 18 wheelers, motorcycles, RV’s, etc. are all welcome to participate by signing up to travel from Maine to Illinois, or complete part of the travel. Participants are also welcome to simply meet DUH along the way. Click here for details.

There will be scheduled stops in designated cities to promote Universal Healthcare with single-payer legislation, as outlined in HR 676.

People will also be given opportunity to share personal stories. According to DUH's website:

  • "Anyone who lives with a medical condition of any kind, their family, friends, medical providers; anyone who’s struggled with medical debt and/or bankruptcy; anyone of any political, religious, economic, or racial background; labor and business people; anyone who cares about the health of our nation – everyone will drive together to bring the message to the media and our politicians that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is neither affordable nor enough to correct the injustice and abuse of the profit-driven system we have."

It’s About Putting People First

HR 676 will terminate the US corporate health care industry’s financial grip and political manipulation.

This legislation will also allow doctors to practice medicine without having to answer to the insurance companies that are interested in denying care to maximize profits, in addition to initiating better cost controls to protect the people from corporate abuse. HR 676 will install national universal health care coverage, also called Medicare for all.

Originally, President Obama wanted to add the Medicare public option to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also called Obamacare. But House Republicans defeated this measure.

During the healthcare debates, polls revealed that an overwhelming majority of the American population wanted freedom of choice that the public option would have offered. Instead House Republicans supported health insurance lobbyists and pharmaceutical financial interests, which denied the public option from being added to Obamacare. Click here for details.

Fighting For Freedom of Choice

DUH’s founder, Sue Saltmarsh, said that she started this group because she grew tired of watching Americans suffer needlessly due to financial hardships created by the American system of health care. She also stated that DUH does not support the repeal of Obamacare, unless this law is replaced by Universal Healthcare that encompasses a fair single-payer system.

Laurie Simons and Terry Sterrenberg are part of DUH. They are also the producers of The Healthcare Movie, narrated by Kiefer Sutherland, which debunks propaganda by revealing truths about the Canadian health care system.

Mr. Sterrenberg said, "The Heallthcare Movie will be screened in several cities during the DUH trip."

Ms. Simons is a Canadian. She and Mr. Sterrenberg have lived in the United States and Canada, giving them first hand experience regarding both country’s health care system.

Laurie and Terry said that they became extremely disillusioned with the numerous falsehoods broadcasted about the Canadian health care system in recent years. This inspired them to produce, The Healthcare Movie. Today they are active members with DUH in hopes of forwarding more protections and choices for the American people.

Click here for more details about the DUH campaign.


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