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Unity of Community - The result of the School District Community Forum


Someone asked about the results of last nights School Board Meeting / Community Forum:

Some spoke of special needs children and not allowing them to suffer the most from budget cuts, the need for adequate services for them, not allowing anyone to fall through the cracks.  Numerous people asked about the Mill Levy, adding that to the next ballot and making a decision on that sooner rather than later.  They implored the Board not to allow too much time to pass allowing a thorough campaign for its passing to begin.  Some came with solutions, options, some came with their stats on the taxes they already pay and how they would pay more for the students.

Some quotes that stuck include:

The current (and future) budget cuts have “decimated the special education program...40% of staff cut...left with no coordinators and no guidance from the district with the exception of a 20 minute E-Learning video.” -administrator

“At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.” - student

“This is one of the most educated, affluent communities, spending a lower amount per student than every other district.”

“I’m concerned about the quality of learning, not about bus routes.  I want to be greeted by teachers that are as excited as we are to be in school.” -student

“I did not get off my couch to lose.” -parent

“We are treating our teachers as waiters and waitresses, working for tips.  Asking them to prostitute themselves in hopes of a tip.” -parent

Some very powerful statements were made, passionate people came forth.  In a standing room only forum that poured into the hallways that swelled with concerned parents, teachers and students; with obvious boredom and contempt on the faces of the  elected board members; and with though no decision was made, the ability for the community to voice themselves answers the question of the results of the meeting: 

The largest result of this Community Forum appeared to be a stronger connection, a Unity of the Community.

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  • Lissa 5 years ago

    I hope they actually listened. Those are some pretty strong comments from people in all aspects of the education world.

  • Lori, Open Adoption Examiner 5 years ago

    The passion and involvement level is amazing. I hope the resource are made available to do the most good.

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