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Unity of Being: The pinpoint of life expressed from now until forever

Arising soaring searing mystifying points of light
Arising soaring searing mystifying points of light

The unity of being is often expressed as the totality of being. However, this is something that is difficult to comprehend. Instead we choose to focus on the particulars or aspects of being. These aspects no matter how wonderful that are to contemplate cannot be understood without the additional step of moving our awareness to the vantage point of the totality of being.

Pinpoint of light

Think of your place in the world and what surrounds. Think of the places you have visited and then contemplate not only the scenery but the experiences that have taken place. Then move above this exercise to find yourself looking down from above at the grand picture. You are still at the center and yet your personality gradually recedes the further away from the small details you get. There is still a personality but it is of a far superior nature and of course it is vast.

Step outside of the this universe as the next step and then beyond the nexus of galaxies of which you are a part of. At first there seems to be no way of orienting yourself. Soon the essential sense of being is carried on through even here in a place that is infinitely removed from your front porch. It is this essential place of being that is what persists wherever you are; wherever your mind travels in contemplation.

The point of this exercise is to get you to experience a greater sense of self while at the same time reaffirming the self you are most familiar with. Call this the ultimate extension of self as it merges with and is transformed by the beyond of which you continuously remain a part of.

Imagine that you are a pinpoint of light past the furthest star that you can see. Your awareness encompasses every aspect about you increasing until it covers everything that is. Your thoughts in such a state are beyond description and yet still there is one thing that cements all of this together. It is the unity that recognizes itself and reproduces itself endlessly through the process of self reflection.

Time itself dissolves as another reflection another aspect of being. Now from the nethermost parts of the multi universe come back into the awareness of your pinpoint of light here exactly where you stand or sit reading these travel tales. You are the same pinpoint of light as that which is incomprehensible. This is the unity that you have experienced. Take this experience with you into ever part of your day and in this way you are doing your part in the continuous awareness of the creation of being.

In summation the pinpoint of light that awakens you to your own spiritual connection stays with you here in the now and goes beyond into the farthest reaches of possibility always remaining the that pristine pinpoint of light that is constantly reflected throughout the circumstances of your life.

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