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Unity and tolerance: The Cross of Mt. Soledad

Atop Mt. Soledad lies a 43-foot cross that has been deemed "unconstitutional," but does that mean it has to be taken down?

On Tuesday, January 4th, many citizens of San Diego were outraged with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals labeling the cross on Mt. Soledad unconstitutional due to the suggested message of "state endorsed religion." However, this is not the first instance in which the cross remaining upon Mt. Soledad had been challenged.

In May of 1989 a lawsuit surfaced against the city of San Diego, claiming that the notion of separation of church and state was being ignored. Nevertheless, the cross remained standing.

Today, community activists are attempting to do everything they can in order to prevent the cross from being removed.

On Saturday, January 15th, the community rallied together to stand for what they believe was right. This rally included parties that demanded the cross stay, however, individuals also attended exhibiting signs that revealed the opposition for the cross.

As San Diegans, we pride ourselves on diversity, and the understanding of alternate ideals. The removing of the cross on Mt. Soledad will be one that will push some of the community apart and tarnish what it means to be a San Diegan. Our tolerance for one another's beliefs is what makes us who we are. Christianity to Atheism; the cross remaining on Mt. Soledad does not symbolize either, but in turn, symbolizes our understanding we have for each other and his or her personal convictions.

Keep the flag waving -- the cross standing!


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