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Unitherm: An Innovative Green Leader in North Texas

UniTherm International
UniTherm International
UniTherm International

As the worldwide demand for energy increases, so does the demand for products that conserve energy. Unitherm International, located in Lewisville, Texas, not only produces innovative products that conserve energy, they also produce products that are environment friendly and improve safety.

According to Dan Sherrill, founder and owner of Unitherm International, “Since our doors opened over 30 years ago, our company has transformed from being solely a manufacturer of insulation solutions to being an innovative partner in solving industrial and consumer problems.”

One of the top selling products that Unitherm offers is "UniVest". UniVest is a high temperature removable insulation jacket that enhances efficiency of operating equipment. UniVest also reduces heat dissipation and into working environments. This not only improves energy efficiency, it also results in a much safer workplace for employees. Some of the many applications include oil and steam piping, gas and diesel exhaust systems, vehicle exhausts, and backup power generation.

One of the most unique products that Unitherm offers is “Solar Shell”. Solar Shell is a strong permanent yet flexible bonding material. It is produced in laminate form as strips, squares, or rolls. It is also produced in cans as a resin, a gel, and in tube form as a caulk. In all forms, the Solar Shell material cures within 15 minutes when exposed to UV light. Once cured, Solar Shell is more than just waterproof; it’s chemical resistant as well standing up against substances such as gasoline or hydrochloric acid.

Solar Shell is used for a wide variety of Industrial, Commercial, and Residential applications to repair or protect metal, concrete, brick, iron pipe, fiberglass, PVC, wood, and plastic. Just a few of the many uses include: tank linings, pipeline protection, encapsulating concrete, PVC repair, RV, boat, auto body, and gutter repair.

A few of the other products that UniTherm offers include: Flex Watt, which provides freeze protection, Fire Pro, which provides fire protection, Rigid Board Insulation, and Drool Shields. For more information on these and other innovative products available, and product applications, visit the UniTherm website at: