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United States most corrupt states: Top 10 in 2014

Mississippi, the poorest state in the nation, is also named the most corrupt
Mississippi, the poorest state in the nation, is also named the most corrupt

A list of the most corrupt states in the United States has been listed by Main Street and reported on by Yahoo! News on Friday. According to the report, Main Street - which is becoming known for its lists just as Gallup has become known for its polls and surveys – reports on data accumulated by an academic at the University of Hong Kong and an academic at Indiana University. Their mission was to extensively study arrest records and conviction records from all 50 states.

The two persons conducting the study - called "The Impact of Public Officials' Corruption on the Size and Allocation of U.S. State Spending" - were Cheol Liu and John Lu Mikesell. With their data, they came up with a list of the 10 most corrupt states in the nation. After completing their project, they summarized that the states that had greater public spending are the states that have the most corruption. The corruption occurs when there is great opportunity for bribery – a much-too common form of corruption.

The corruption may involve such activities as construction projects, highway building, and renovation projects. Also, police projects are named as a major source of crime and corruption when it comes to bribery. The results may surprise people, as not all of the corruption in some states makes headlines. When a well-known figure is caught for being on-the-take, naturally, headlines are created more readily.

The 10 Most Corrupt States in the USA

  1. Mississippi
  2. Louisiana
  3. Tennessee
  4. Illinois
  5. Pennsylvania
  6. Alabama
  7. Alaska
  8. South Dakota
  9. Kentucky
  10. Florida

According to the report, Mississippi is the most corrupt state. The Main Street report says that Mississippi is also the poorest state in the nation. The report asserts that Mississippi is a state that has an incredible amount of corruption - much like the corruption found a "Third World country."

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