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United States Confirms Surface To Air Missile Downs Plane

United States has confirmed that it was a BUK surface to air missile that brought down the Malaysian 777 airplane. Now was it the Russians or the Ukrainian Separatists? Either way blame now falls into Russia's lap. It really doesn't matter since Russia makes this weapon and has over and over said it had not given the Separatists this kind of weapon. Russia has killed 295 civilians.

Russian President Putin started this war back last fall when the Ukraine was going to sign a trade agreement with European Union and talked the Ukrainian government out of the deal. Russia has always wanted to keep the Ukraine under its wing. Riots broke out and the President eventually fled to Moscow. An interim government was installed and Russia brought troops to the Ukrainian border. Moscow pushed the Crimean region with riots and threats and the Crimea voted to go back with Russia.

A new President was elected and Eastern Ukraine did not recognize the new government. President Poroshenko made many gestures toward the Separatists but to no avail. He had tried to get Russian President Putin to speak with the Separatists but has been told over and over that Moscow has no ties to the Separatists. It has been confirmed that leaders of the Separatists movement have been seen in Moscow over the last several months.

More sanctions against Moscow were just laid down yesterday when all this began to take shape. You see over the past few days a Ukrainian transport was shot down along with a fighter jet last night. At first when Ukraine blamed the rebels most of the world didn't believe them. Now the United States has confirmation of a rocket launched on the surface that took the Malaysian Passenger plane down.

Russia no matter whether they fired the missile themselves or if it was done by the Separatists this whole tragedy is now laying at their feet. Sanctions will no longer be justified against Russia. The country of Russia should be labeled persona non grata and all trade and communication should be discontinued until Vladimir Putin is removed from power. He has lied through this whole controversy and can no longer be trusted.

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