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United States Civil Defense Assoc.(USCDA) is on RED ALERT

  • LYONS, Colo. HELP IS NEEDED!— The rescue of Coloradoans stranded by epic mountain flooding accelerated Saturday as debris-filled rivers became muddy seas that extended into towns and farms miles from the Rockies. Authorities expected to find more fatalities when full scope of destruction emerges.

    United States Civil Defense Assoc.(USCDA) is on RED ALERT due to the flooding in Colorado. USCDA members on seen are asking for support from USCDA members to help out with water and food. USCDA. members and their relatives and friends are asked to send donated items to HQ right away. Members who cannot go to help out with the flood disaster can still play a very important and current roll by calling companies large and small to ask them to please donate items for this major American disaster. Items needed: Water, Ice, army style cots, small one or two man tents, blankets, freeze dried foods, can foods and other dry food stuffs (Rice, Beans etc.) . You can order the freeze dried foods from =pap&aid=4b5e43160feb5 People can also donate money. All donated items including checks or money orders can be sent to USCDA-HQ at 301 Forest Ave, Laguna Beach CA 92651. From here we will see to it that it gets where it is most needed. Start making the calls now! Many families are displaced due to the flood. Many have had to flee the high water and mud. Thousands have lost their homes and need the basics. Please help us get there needs met. Those members who cannot help directly because of work or what ever can help by going to: and order some freeze dried food and have it drop shipped to USCDA HQ’s at 301 Forest Ave, Laguna Beach, CA 92651.

    Thank You! HQ. USCDA is a non-exempt non-government enity.

    Colorado floods: Infrastructure repairs a steep climb Denver Post Experts who study natural disasters warn against any fast assessments of damage resulting from the massive flooding. “Waters subside at different intervals,”

    Current death toll that’s expected to rise