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United States cheapest places to live in 2014: Texas has 3 of top 10

Valley International Airport in Harlingen, Texas
Valley International Airport in Harlingen, Texas

A list of the cheapest cities to live in the United States has been released by Kiplinger, according to a Yahoo! News report on Tuesday. One would be incorrect in assuming that all the locations are in the same part of the country. Though three of the top 10 cheapest places to live in the United States are in Texas, the other seven are spread throughout the county.

Kiplinger crunched the data from that was culled from the Council for Community and Economic Research’s calculations of living expenses in a total of 208 urban areas across the nation. Within the calculated data, the Cost of Living Index measures prices that persons pay for housing, groceries, health care, transportation, utilities as well as miscellaneous goods and services. To make the list, Kiplinger did not consider cities with a population below 50,000 people.

According to the report on the economic findings, the top 10 cheapest cities in the United States are quite different in many ways. However, there is one common thread among all ten cities. All ten cities have very affordable housing options for homeowners as well as for renters.

The United States Cheapest Cities to Live in 2014

  1. Harlingen, Texas
  2. Pueblo, Colorado
  3. Norman, Oklahoma
  4. Memphis, Tennessee
  5. Idaho Falls, Idaho
  6. Youngstown, Ohio
  7. Jonesboro, Arkansas
  8. Wichita Falls, Texas
  9. Temple, Texas
  10. Augusta, Georgia

The cheapest city to live in 2014, Harlingen, Texas has a cost of living 18.4 percent below the United States average. Its population is currently 65,679. The median household income is $34,096 and the median home value is $77,700. Harlingen is located inland from the beaches of South Padre Island. Besides the extremely affordable cost of housing, the city is also a cheap place to purchase food. A negative for the city is that it has many residents living below the poverty line – almost double the poverty rate for Taxes and more than double the United States’ rate.

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