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United Nations established World Milk Day

June 1 is World Milk Day

Since milk is extremely important to all, the United Nations set aside June 1 to celebrate World Milk Day.

The first World Milk Day was held in 2001. Since then, many countries throughout the world have participated in the celebrations, and the number increases each year.

World Milk Day is a day that provides an opportunity to focus attention on milk and to publicize activities connected with milk and the milk industry. It proves the importance of milk in our daily lives when many countries choose to call attention to milk on the same day. This lends additional importance to individual national celebrations and shows that consuming milk is global.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations was asked to propose a specific day on which all aspects of milk could be celebrated. Late May was originally proposed, but some countries such as China felt they already had many celebrations in May. Therefore, the organization settle on the first day in June. A number of countries were already celebrating a national milk day on or around this time anyway. So this date seemed appropriate, and it was approved that June 1 would be World Milk Day for most countries. However, some countries hold their celebrations a week or so before or after this date.

Most people drink milk or consume a milk products on a daily basis. When you consume milk today, think of it as celebrating a product that others are honoring all over the world.

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