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United Airlines turbulence: Woman cracks ceiling with her head

United Airlines had a flight so bad that a woman hit her head on the ceiling.
United Airlines had a flight so bad that a woman hit her head on the ceiling.
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Passengers thought that the flight was going down as United Airlines Flight 1676 from Denver to Billings suffered turbulence so bad that a woman hit the ceiling, literally. USA Today reported on Feb. 17, 2014, that passengers had their lives flash before their eyes and honestly believed that it was the end for them as the plane dropped and shook.

"I thought 'Wow! Yeah, this is it,' " passenger Kerri Mullins said. "It's the most helpless feeling ever — to just be sitting there and not have any control over anything."

United Airlines Flight 1676 was carrying 114 passengers and five crew members.

Right before it landed, the turbulence struck the United Airlines flight and the plane literally started shaking. It was so bad that one woman called out for her baby. Another woman hit the ceiling so hard that she cracked the panel above her head.

When all was said and done and the flight had gotten on the ground, three crew members and two passengers were taken to nearby hospitals. All of them were treated and released except for one flight attendant.

Passenger Bill Dahlin said that he believes the United Airlines turbulence took the crew and everyone by surprise.

"I think they were trying to assess things themselves, so they really didn't offer any explanation because of what happened so quickly," he told KTVQ.

United Airlines has already stated that its flight safety team is going to review the incident, what was done to rectify the situation, and everything that happened.

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