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Unite Fitness Retreat brings guests to SLC to learn healthy habits

Unite Fitness Retreat (Unite) offers people the opportunity to get away to Salt Lake City to learn about health, fitness and nutrition. The program provides one on one training in a personalized program that takes advantage of the outdoor activities that Utah has to offer year round, including hiking, snow-showing and kayaking.

Some activities that people participate in at Unite Fitness Retreat
Christina Clark

Unite’s offerings include wellness programs, fitness programs and extreme weight loss programs. Guests, who come from all over the world, stay in Salt Lake City for one to 18 weeks depending on individual need.

“There are other wellness and fitness retreats,” says CEO Drew Paulos. “What makes us different is that we bring on fewer people. It makes for a much more effective stay.”

Life coaching and mental wellness aspects of the program provide guests with the right frame of mind to become fitter.

“Being healthy revolves around how you feel about you,” says Paulos.

Those who complete the program receive from four to 12 weeks of after-care, which includes help with setting up a comfortable routine and getting rid of the unhealthy food items in the home.

“Nutrition’s a big thing,” says Paulos. It’s an 80-20 ratio nutrition to fitness when it comes to healthier lifestyles.

Unite works with Cantu’s Culinary Creations, another local business, to provide healthy meals while the guests are on site.

According to Paulos, guests leave Unite feeling reinvigorated and reinspired to be healthier.

“I wanted to be involved in a business that really did give something back,” says Paulos. Unite gives people a new lease on life.

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