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Unite against bullying during National Bullying Prevention Month

Unite against bullying.
Unite against bullying.

October marks national bullying prevention month. Now is the time to raise awareness and help in the campaign to stop bullying.

National Bullying Prevention Month is a campaign in the United States founded by PACER'S National Center for Bullying Prevention. The campaign unites communities nationwide to educate and raise awareness of bullying prevention.

As parents, it is common to worry about whether your child may be bullied. Whether a person is bullied as a child, teen or adult, the effects can cause devastating results, including anxiety, low self-esteem, avoidance of school, and depression.

Here are some helpful tips for parents about bullying.

1. Encourage your child to report bullying incidents to you.

  • Validate your child's feelings. Let them know it is normal to feel hurt, sad, scared, etc.
  • Let your child know they made the right choice by telling you about the bullying incident. Assure them that they are not to blame.
  • Help your child be specific in describing bullying incidents (who, what, when, where).

2. Ask your child how they have tried to stop the bullying.

3. Coach your child in possible alternatives. Avoidance is the best strategy.

  • Play in a different place.
  • Play a different game.
  • Stay near a supervising adult when bullying is likely to occur.

4. Treat your school as an ally.

  • Share your child's concerns and specific information about bullying incidents with appropriate school personnel.
  • Work with school staff to protect your child from possible retaliation.

5. Encourage your child to seek help and to report bullying incidents to someone they feel safe with at school (a teacher, counselor, principal).

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