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Uniquely Oklahoma: Mainstreet Oklahoma 2014, towns show their wares March 25

Oklahoma Mainstreet event provides glimpse of 40 towns and offerings
Oklahoma Mainstreet event provides glimpse of 40 towns and offerings
Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Tuesday March 25th, Mainstreet Oklahoma 2014, a collective of towns across Oklahoma, will gather together to provide demonstration and information booths at the State Capitol.

This process is an offshoot of a long standing attempt to notice which towns have remained vital and invigorated as many Americans moved to urban spaces. Initially operating under the National Preservations The National Trust for Historic Preservation, a privately funded nonprofit organization, works to save America's historic places. Here is a list of places they are currently investing in.

Mainstreet has has recently reinvented itself in a different form. Here is the link for the national movement to recognize healthy and active towns in America. They became their own offshoot in 2013, and reorganized their function, and governance as solely focused on American towns and quality of life therein.

Here are Oklahoma towns in the running for having the best Mainstreet.

Towns don't have to be small to participate, but some are defined as urban areas versus towns, so those are surely bigger and have a different focus or function. Small towns often have specialized events that are draws but they also offer everyday sort of things that are amenities to the locals and treats for the visitors.

Bethany is a town very close to Oklahoma City that most know well. Their big gig is July 4th.

Bethany is on Old Route 66, a favorite destination mapped stop by stop by many travelers looking for Americana. Busloads of people will come for the antique shops along this strip, and many have online outlets to modernize the antiques hunt.

The Mainstreet Oklahoma Event at the Oklahoma State Capitol will include surely visual displays, live explanations, printed materials, goods and some version of food sampling.

This event is free and open to the public, March 25th starting at 9a. All visitors to the Oklahoma Capitol must go through a security screening process so keep that in mind when entering the building.

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