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Unique x-rayed flowers photomontages on display at balboa coffee shop

artisabella photomontages as seen at the March 2014 show at Alta Coffee Warehouse & Restaurant in Newport Beach
artisabella photomontages as seen at the March 2014 show at Alta Coffee Warehouse & Restaurant in Newport Beach
copyright 2014 Corina Geyer used with permission

artisabella's, The Series Show, which is an exhibition of artist, Isabella McGrath, x-rayed flowers photomontages at Alta Coffee Warehouse & Restaurant, Balboa Peninsula, 506 31st St. in Newport Beach, CA opened March 1 and runs through March 30, 2014.

two artisabella photomontages
two artisabella photomontages
photo copyright 2014 Isabella McGrath

Ms. McGrath shares,

"These floral images happen to be quite colorfully vibrant. Also, by adding colors not used before to the photomontages during the process of recoloring the x-rays, you can see why the best way to experience an x-rayed flowers photomontage is viewing it with your own two eyes."

The beginning of this century found Ms. McGrath, a then student at Columbia College in Chicago, discovering and playing with the possibilities to the fine art world if she were to combine x-ray technology and photography. From this exploration the x-rayed flowers photomontages were birthed.

Creating these unique photomontages is a source of joy for Ms. McGrath. A completed photomontage is the result of:

  • x-raying the flowers
  • scanning the x-ray film into a computer
  • photographing the flowers
  • combining the x-ray and digital version of the flowers' photograph in Photoshop

The juxtaposition of classic still-life subject matter with contemporary composition makes these unique photomontages artisabella's most notable contribution and expression to date of Ms. McGrath's fine arts talents. Her natural abilities were enhanced through her studies, which resulted in a BFA in Studio Art and BA in Art History from Chapman University. Other outlets for her talents include abstract paintings, quilts, photography and numerous printmaking editions.

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