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Unique spots to say "I do"


In honor of one of my close friends getting married a week ago, I wanted to write an article highlighting a few great Atlanta wedding spots. From intimate to over-the-top, there's something for every bride out there.

I will start out with the Paces House in Vinings, as this is where my friend tied the knot. It was great; intimate, outdoors and in a great location. The Paces House is located in downtown Vinings and is in walking distance to all of the area restaurants, bars and shops. It's great to have so many bars close for the after party celebration, but there are also plenty of hotels around for all of the out of town attendees.

Another great spot is the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.Featuring numerous breathtaking gardens, it also has amazing Atlanta skyline views. Nature and the city? Can't beat that! The gardens are also conveniently located in midtown, which boasts some of the best of Atlanta culture. Once again, another hit for being able to accommodate any out of town guests. Why not say "I do" at an Atlanta landmark?

Finally, for all of the over-the-top brides. Another Atlanta destination that is now starting to become a sought after wedding venue is the Georgia Aquarium. Located in downtown Atlanta, the aquarium attracts tons of people every year. This is an unforgettable location, but it won't come with a small price tag. If you want to get hitched with a bang, the world's largest fish tank might be right up your alley.


These are just a few of the wonderful options that this great city has to offer couples that are searching for a place to get married. For all of the brides out there, be sure that your spot truly represents your personality, as well as the personality of your future husband. Congratulations and good luck finding that perfect spot for you!