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Unique Hotels to Spice Up Your Drab Vacation

Pod hotels like Yotel in NYC are starting to pop up all over the world.
Pod hotels like Yotel in NYC are starting to pop up all over the world.

Although times may be tough, you always value the chance to take a vacation every once in a while. You save up all year as best as you can, trying to only spend money on gas, rent, food and other bills that seem to increase in value, month after month. When the time finally arrives – and you get to take a few days off from work, kick back and relax, and put all of your responsibilities and worries on pause – don’t you want to make the most of it?

Sure, the usual weekend getaway can be exciting, and the yearly trip to Florida or San Diego will do the trick, but don’t you want to add something extra to your vacation that will spice it up just a little bit more – and give you a cool story to share with your friends?

Yes, there are many things you can do on your vacation that will give you a change from the usual beach lounging and nighttime partying. But did you ever consider staying in a more…‘non-traditional’ hotel?

Unusual hotels are starting to pop up all over the country (and across the world), attracting vacationers to experience their vacation with a twist. If you don’t want to go too far away, there are plenty of different getaways, right here in the United States.

Starting on the West Coast in Nice, California, you can spend your vacation in a luxurious railway caboose on the Shore of Clearlake. Featherbed Railroad allows travelers to enjoy peace and tranquility in one of their nine antique railroad cabooses. Each caboose is decorated with its own individual theme, ranging from Las Vegas bordello to Orient Express. Each railcar offers incredible views of Lake County’s Clearlake and private dock, under century-old trees.

Moving a little south to Holbrook, Arizona, you can get a completely different feel when you jump right into the Native American culture at the Wigwam Motel. Wigwam Motel, a registered historic monument that is still run by its founding family, gives guests the experience of teepee life. Although not constructed in the original Indian teepee fashion, these close replicas offer a few more modern conveniences than you would normally have found in the old days. The Wigwam Motel was originally part of a chain of seven teepee villages that ran from Florida to California. Only three of these villages are still in operation today, with the Holbrook location receiving the most media attention due to its close proximity to Route 66, as well as the Navajo, Hopi and White Mountain Apache Native American Reservations.

Jumping all the way across the country to Litchfield Hills, Connecticut, we come across Winvian. Located on what used to be the family farm of Winthrop and Vivian Smith, Winvian features 18 unique and amazing cottages, each with a design history of its own. Back in 2001, Winthrop and Vivian Smith’s daughter and granddaughter, Maggie and Heather Smith, hosted a “no-rules” design competition, where 15 architects transformed the property. Each cottage has a unique design and aims to bring the rustic charm of camping in the Woodlands indoors. One cottage is even dominated by a genuine U.S. Coast Guard Sikorsky helicopter. Once inside the helicopter, guests will find a comfortable living space, television and kitchenette. The cockpit has even been restored to reflect its original version. If helicopters aren’t for you, maybe the double-decker tree house is more your style. That’s right – a two-story tree house (complete with a Jacuzzi, steam shower and a fireplace). At Winvian, you are sure to find at least one cottage that will call your name.

If you do choose to venture abroad, there are plenty of different places to stay. Consider a house boat hotel on the canals in Amsterdam, an igloo in Switzerland, or an underwater hotel in Sweden. The options for weird and different places to stay are truly endless and no matter where your designation, you are bound to find a hotel that will give your regular vacation a different twist. Even if you don’t want to stay in a tree house, a boat or an igloo, there are still plenty of themed B&B’s and hotels that will do the trick.

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