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Unique glutathione gel has potential to help millions enjoy improved health

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Glutathione is all the rage in the scientific and health communities as a growing body of evidence suggests it is vital to human health and wellness and possibly the most important antioxidant in the body. As researchers seek novel ways to boost glutathione levels in the body, one innovative company—GSH Biotek—has pioneered a delivery system and product that has the potential to improve the well-being of millions called Real GSH.

Glutathione—a simple molecule composed of cysteine, glycine and glutamine—is the most powerful antioxidant in the body, found in every cell, and plays a significant role in a range of physiological processes in the human body. Located inside the cell, glutathione is in an ideal position to combat free radical damage. It is often called the “master antioxidant” because of its essential role in recharging other antioxidants so they can continue their battle against harmful free radicals.

Glutathione aids immune system function, helping to fight infection and disease, and supports vital detoxification systems. Glutathione contains sticky sulfur chemical groups that trap toxins and just about anything else that shouldn’t be in the body transporting them to bile and stool for elimination. Conversely, low glutathione levels leads to an increase in the storage of toxins in fatty tissues.

Research suggests that glutathione levels begin to decrease in the human body starting around age 20, declining about one percent per year thereafter. Scientists theorize that a 30 percent reduction can cause cellular dysfunction. Interestingly, glutathione deficiency is found in virtually all people of very poor health. Some scientists believe that glutathione is the key to longevity, determining how long a person lives.

The action of glutathione make it beneficial for a wide range of illnesses including autism, neuropathy, kidney disorders, damaged skin, and chronic viral illnesses—HIV, AIDS, hepatitis. The primary problems with glutathione supplementation has been finding a viable way to increase glutathione levels and providing it in a stable and effective form.

Only the reduced form of glutathione (GSH) effectively binds to free radicals protecting cells from damage. The oxidized form (GSSG) must be recycled by the enzyme glutathione reductase for it to be effective.

When taken orally glutathione is digested into its various components, or the precursors of glutathione, raising levels very slowly. Some physicians administer glutathione via IV. However, glutathione rapidly oxidizes in the IV bag making it less effective. In addition this method is both invasive and expensive.

Seeing the great need for a stable, easy to use glutathione product, GSH Biotek developed a patented, stable topical glutathione gel called Real GSH. This novel remedy provides glutathione that remains stable in its reduced form (GSH) in a convenient spray bottle. In fact, according to company literature only about 8% of the glutathione is oxidized in the bottle.

The producers have been evaluating their product and observed some impressive results. Ninety-eight percent of the GSH is absorbed through a patented process resulting in measurably improved serum glutathione levels in only 20 minutes. One case study demonstrated that continual use boosted intracellular GSH by almost 25 percent in 107 days. Best of all, it is simple and easy to apply without side effects.

Additional case studies show amazing results such as improving renal function of a 30 year old male with end-stage kidney disease, rapid removal of heavy metals, healing of second degree burns, and improvement of children with autism spectrum disorders.

This unique gel has virtually unlimited therapeutic potential and the potential to enhance the well-being of millions who suffer needlessly through complex health conditions with few conventional solutions available.

For more information or to experience the benefits of Real GSH go to and enter code “XLXT12” to receive 10 percent off your order.