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Unique entertainment venue for local baby boomers

Baby boomers who love to attend the theater, cultural events, concerts and educational programs now have the opportunity to enjoy an array of these entertainment venues through complimentary or discounted tickets. Senior Box Office (SBO) gives local 60+ boomers a chance to attend various entertainment venues with free or discounted tickets. Senior Box Office is a hit with local baby boomers.

SBO, a membership program run by Baltimore County, entertains, informs, and enriches the lives of 60+ boomers and seniors. A dedicated group of 150 SBO sponsors makes it possible for them to enjoy everything from the theater, concerts and museums to lectures and other events with complimentary or discounted tickets. In addition, SBO offers a speakers series, a book club, a travel program and the chance for boomers to volunteer as an usher then stay for the performance.

‘We distribute complimentary and discounted tickets to educational, cultural and entertainment events throughout the Baltimore metropolitan area,’ explains SBO Coordinator Karen McDonough. Through SBO offerings, baby boomers and seniors experience different cultural events. It especially benefits those on fixed incomes because it opens doors to performances they would not be able to afford.

For an annual membership fee of $30, SBO’s 800+ members receive an electronic quarterly brochure listing different events, concerts, plays and tours in upcoming months. SBO members select those of interest to them and send in vouchers requesting these events. SBO validates the voucher and sends it back to the member. Then, the boomer or senior takes the voucher the evening of the performance and receives the complimentary or discounted ticket.

SBO also has a book club that meets on a bimonthly basis and an active travel committee that arranges local and international trips, cruises and tours, which are open to all members and friends. Plus, it hosts a popular speakers’ program. Finally, SBO provides ushers for some of the area’s theaters. Through SBO’s usher program, baby boomers who volunteer to be ushers then get to stay for the performance as a thank you for volunteering.

For the last 32 years, all of SBO’s undertakings have been orchestrated through the hard work of volunteers. SBO is run completely by volunteers with the exception of McDonough, who is the part-time coordinator. There are numerous SBO volunteer positions available and boomers are encouraged to volunteer.

SBO opens doors to local theaters that many boomers don’t know exist. It is a learning experience, an excellent mode of entertainment and an opportunity for baby boomers to socialize. Any boomers interested in learning more about Senior Box Office or interested in becoming a member should go to Senior Box Office.

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