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Unique art appears in Chicago at the 67th Annual 57th Street Art Fair

The building this photo displays may not be one of the art works at this art fair.
The building this photo displays may not be one of the art works at this art fair.
Dylan Strzynski

On Saturday, June 7, 2014 in Chicago’s, Hyde Park (The north boundary was 56th Street; the south boundary was 57th Street; the east boundary was Kenwood Street; and the west boundary was Woodlawn Avenue.) neighborhood, unique, creative and traditional art was on display at Chicago’s 67th Annual 57th Street Art Fair. This was the fair’s, first day; its last day will be Sunday, June 8, 2014.

This art fair had at least 200 booths. Most booths had at least three sides. The booths were on both sides of all streets that had art.

Many art styles appeared above the asphalt (streets) and concrete (sidewalks). Surrealism optically clamored for attention. Pop art popped out of buttons, wood and canvas. Realism displayed oil coatings, charcoal lines and ink forms. Naturalism showed large, wide exposures in large frames. Expressionism appeared on twisted faces. Abstractionism showed itself in swatch paintings.

Ceramics consisted of glazed bowls and porcelain. Glass pumpkins were on display. Some vases had the aforementioned, expressionistic, distorted faces; in 3D form, these faces projected creatively from the vases’ contours.

For photography, black & white and color prints were on fine art paper and on silver-gelatin paper. Albumen prints, Cibachromes, daguerreotypes, platinum prints and tintypes were not present. Some large, photographs showed familiar, Chicago skylines.

Oil paintings outnumbered acrylic paintings. Oil paintings of fruit were not evident. Except for jewelry, oil paintings were probably the most expensive art for sale.

Textiles had their displays. African dashikis were for sale. Japanese style kimonos and scarves were for sale. Striped, fiber, hand bags were for sale.

Woodcuts were evident. Some of these had the Realism Style, displaying American street scenes. Although cork is wood, originating from certain oak trees, cutting cork does not usually qualify artists to say that they have created woodcuts.

Art representations of Albert Einstein, Ludwig van Beethoven, Martin Luther King Jr., and Michael Jackson appeared in the form of drawings and photos. The Einstein art should have had a background of equations. The Beethoven art should have had a musical symbols background.

Artistic horses declined to neigh or say, “Nay!” when someone purchased them. There were photos of ranch horses and wild horses, but no photos of champion race horses. There were abstract but recognizable, huge, brown, horse sculptures (at least three feet tall and at least four feet long) that consisted of copper wires, horse shoes, springs and common tools.

Day one of Chicago’s 67th Annual 57th Street Art Fair was an artistic success. Hours were 11 a.m-6 p.m. on Saturday. The hours will be 10 a.m.-5 p.m. on Sunday.

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