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Unique and Advanced Coffee Makers Are Now The New Gadgets

Every day, countless cups of coffee are brewed in coffee shops all over the world in order to give some satisfaction to coffee fanatics. Coffee lovers have an ongoing love affair with this beverage whether it is simple coffee or one of its incarnations. People can also make their beloved beverage at home thanks to the automatic espresso machines that are available nowadays. These machines are able to offer the brewing perfection that’s similar to coffee shops because they have the tools that are needed for this purpose. They cover each and every step from the grinding to the brewing and people can easily brew fresh coffee at home.

Various known brands have introduced their automatic espresso machines, which are laden with such features that it will make a coffee lover simply salivate even thinking about them. Here is a list of best coffee makers and espresso machines that contain some really advanced and unique features:

• Philips Saeco HD8856-47 Exprelia Super Automatic Espresso Machine

This automatic espresso machine is similar to a fine and smooth sports car. You can feel the power of the machine with the exterior alone. It looks extremely classy and elegant with its stainless steel look and is a sample of fine craftsmanship. The controls and display of the coffee maker are laid out nicely. Adjustments and programming can easily be done with the help of buttons.

For both milk and coffee, there are 2 independent boilers, along with the Saeco Aroma System and the Saeco Brewing System. The former is useful for extracting flavors while the latter allows people to control the cream and body structure of their coffee. The parts are easily accessible and maintenance of the espresso machine is made simple with descaling and cleaning functions.

• KRUPS EA8250001 Espresseria Full Automatic Espresso Machine

One of the most straightforward automatic espresso machines is the KRUPS EA8250001 that’s elegant in functionality. Its appearance and ease of use has worked in favor of the coffee lovers as it can make their favorite beverage with the push of a few buttons. The grinding process of the machine is designed to preserve the flavor and aroma of coffee and the water is purified by the filtration system inherent in it. The steam nozzle of the unit is also available for preparing hot milk, cappuccinos and lattes. The front panel buttons and LCD screen make it easy for people to personalize their beverage in terms of flavors, strength etc.

• Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine

This unit has been designed to offer people the most flavorful espressos and can deliver a professional taste. The interface and design of the machine is unique and classy. It is also incorporated with 2 separate independent boilers with one is a steaming boiler and the other is ideal for brewing. This means people don’t have to wait when they want to switch from steaming and brewing. There are different coffee strength settings and grind options and also temperature settings offered so people can design their favorite brew with ease.

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