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UNIQLO Pairs With Jil Sander Again for Spring Collection


A piece from +J Spring 2010 //

After a successful fall collection with ultra-minimalist German designer, Jil Sander, the Japanese brand, UNIQLO, reunites with the designer for a spring collection. This will be the third drop for the spring line, as well as the last of the season.

+J, the name assigned to the collaborative line, debuted its lighter side this year with a modern take on basics. The line will include women's apparel with an intent focus on simplicity, lightness, and texture. Jil Sander's approach to fashion has always been less about the look, more about the materials. Movement, shape, and construction reign supreme in her work as an independent designer, and the concepts are not lost in her partnership with UNIQLO.

Historically, Sander typically keeps to a neutral color palette in her collections, and in UNIQLO's case, she'll be delivering many pieces in soft ivory, pastels and "chalked out" acids -- keeping in mind the shift from wooly winters to the season of renewal and regeneration.

Expert tailoring, simple lines, and exquisite fabrics make this line a necessity for collectors of Sander's work. The third shipment will drop in the UNIQLO Soho store on April 21st, with doors opening at 8am. Prices remain budget-friendly with all pieces remaining under $200.


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