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Unions dramatically raise wages in the U.S.

Conservatives have been long opposed to the rights of workers to earn a good wage. They might deny it, but it is quite clear from their statements and actions that is their belief. When there is a conflict between labor (the vast majority of Americans) and big business, they always side with big business.

But unions do a tremendous job in raising wages of American workers. U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez stated that union works make an average of $950 to $750 for non-union workers.

Actually the distinction was in terms of median wage. A median wage is simply the wage right in the middle of a group of people. In a group of 101 people, it is the person who makes more and less then 50 people exactly.

But according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, union workers pay plus benefits equaled $1508 per week versus $1083 for non-union workers. Fringe benefits includes health care, pensions etc, of course.

This should be obvious of course, a union gives leverage to workers. Without leverage by workers, businesses are free (absent of consumer boycott and pressure) to pay workers as little as possible.

Since most jobs can be done by a rather wide pool of workers with enough training, employers always have that leverage over workers.

The fact is, we need unions in this nation, more then ever. Worker pay has stagnated in the last 40 years, and even declined when adjusted for inflation.

In the developing world, where businesses and governments are even more hand in hand then in the U.S., workers suffer gross abuses, including imprisonment and being beaten for wanting to belong to a union and have a good wage. Labour Start is an excellent organization working to curb and end these abuses.