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Union Square Park

Union Square Park
Union Square ParkJai Waltz

Mainly seen as a transfer point on a train commute underground, Union Square is a little overlooked when it comes to attractions. After all, a few blocks uptown is its big sister, Times Square. But for shopping, eating out, or being in the middle of nature, Union Square is not crowded and not as easy to get lost in Union Square Park as Central Park.

Although there are numerous restaurants in the area, they will be expensive. For a cheap lunch, sit in the park and eat from the many food trucks scattered outside Union Square Park. When the lunchtime spot is finally chosen from the park’s ample seating options (or on the ground itself), enjoy the freshly bloomed trees and flowers now that summer is here. Like most anyplace in Manhattan, a variety of people can be observed here from the homeless person, tourist, business people enjoying lunch away from the office, or groups of random people chatting in the shade. But what has become a famous sight now at Union Square Park is the Hare Krishnas. Although they are there with their literature on the table, they do not preach to people (unless the person walks up to them perhaps). But their trance inducing music adds to the atmosphere of being in nature making it that much easier to forget about the stresses of the day and lose track of time.

Amidst the concrete, nature is definitely enjoyed by everyone who comes to or lives in New York City. But don’t forget the small parks too dotted around the city, such as Union Square Park, that will provide entertainment to all who go.