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Union shows up to protest factory closing

Local politicians show up to support American workers
Local politicians show up to support American workers


It happens too often. A large business is doing well and the owners sell it to a corporation, That corporation then decides to move the business out of America. It's a boneheaded business decision. It's happening in Northeast Philadelphia, with hundreds of people who will be out of work Jan 15 2015 when the Nabisco Company ( now owned by Mondelez company). closes. The plant in question is located on The Roosevelt Boulevard at Comly Rd. Today, Feb 19, 2014 quite a few union workers showed up with state legislators to protest.

The Mondelez company purchased the rights to bake Nabisco branded cookies such as Oreo's and others last year. It was announced that over 350 people will lose their jobs when this plant closes and moves to Mexico. "It';s corporate greed on Steroids", said State Rep Brendan Boyle. Boyle added,"This company is making money. you don't close a business that's making money".

State Senator Mike Stack, also in attendance was visibly upset at the prospect of his constituents losing their jobs .

Today, about 75 union workers from the Bakers local 492 showed up to protest outside the plant. Due to security concerns, the protest was actually on the property of a diner next door. The reason do his protest is simple. American wages and benefits are more money than the pennies and hour that they can pay the Mexican workers. The Mexican workers are unskilled, the plant has nowhere near the safety guidelines that American companies have to adhere to. All of that saves Mondelez baking money.

According to Mondelez Vice President Cindy Waggoner in anold news release "The role of the Philadelphia bakery within the company's biscuit manufacturing network footprint has changed over time. The site currently produces a limited number of core products. Other facilities are better positioned to support the company's future business needs.

The closure of the Philadelphia bakery will affect approximately 350 employees, who were informed of the company's decision earlier today.

"Our focus right now is on our employees in Philadelphia. We're making this announcement almost a full year in advance of the planned closure to help provide a smooth transition. We're committed to treating our employees fairly and working with them through this difficult time," Waggoner added.

Moving to Mexico does come at a huge cost to the company. The snacks that are baked at the plant on Roosevelt Blvd. are done by American workers. News is spreading fast about the decision make by Mondelez management to kill off American jobs. That means if the plant closes, cookie sales will plummet. Everyone knows someone that is affected by this closing. They will react with a boycott of anything baked by the Mondelez company. They will use store brand cookies or even try something new that is not made in another country and shipped here. The plant will close and take with it many jobs from the Philadelphia area, as the snacks get made in other areas of the country,or even Mexico. None of that is in the best interest of anyone in this region.

During the union rally, many motorists drove by honking horns in support of the workers. They are the same people that might not buy Nabisco branded snacks, should this go through.

You can see a timeline here of the Nabisco company.

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