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Union Pacific train derails causing Amtrak LA to Seattle cancellation

Mark and Mary were enjoying cheese and wine before dinner on their Amtrak Coast Starlight train from Los Angeles to Seattle, Washington. The couple, who prefer not to fly when they can drive or ride the rails, had book first class passage complete with a sleeping car and meal voucher. “We were having a great time,” Mary exclaimed, “We had a fabulous lunch, then went to a cheese and wine service and dinner where we heard the announcement that they were stopping the train due to a derailment in Dunsmuir.”

A nice ride on Amtrak came to an abrupt end
Bill Acord

What had started out like a good time for Mark, Mary and other passengers headed as far as Oregon, came to an abrupt end today (Jan. 29). “They wanted to send us home by bus on an eight-hour ride,” Mark mentioned, “but we said no way and rented a car in Oakland and drove back to Los Angeles.” The couple said they are not sure what compensation Amtrak will offer but were just happy to be able to drive themselves home and avoid a long bus ride.

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If you look at the video of 100s of passengers stuck on a frozen train in Illinois, what happened in California doesn't seem so bad.

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