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Union-buster offers to help Northwestern and NCAA thwart player union rights

Union-busters exist for one purpose: to make money standing in the way of workers trying to organize and partner with their employers to make their lives better. Employers have the option to sign a neutrality agreement and respect the vote for or against forming a union in their workplace. Union-busters advise businesses on the risks of neutrality as workers always wish to improve their lives.

Union-busters stand against players rights
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Stephen J. Hirschfeld is one such union buster. His firm, Hirschfeld Kraemer, LLP promises to clients:

“Whether you are faced with a union organizing drive, an opportunity to decertify a union that currently represents your employees, the defense of unfair labor practice charges, or difficult contract negotiations where you need to obtain important changes in your next contract, Hirschfeld Kraemer will provide you with advice and counsel from attorneys who have practiced in this highly specialized area of the law for over three decades.”

Today Hirschfeld volunteered to be a union-buster for hire for the Northwestern University with the hope of garnering the dollars of the deeper pocket NCAA. In a statement released yesterday he called the response to the player’s victory ‘emotional’ saying; "We are seeing an incredible emotional reaction without regard to really understanding the law, the unique facts presented in the case, or the Board's reasoning,"

The College Athletes Player Association with the support of the members of the United Steelworkers won an NLRB ruling giving players the right to organize as employees of the university. This struggle will be an education for all fans of NCAA football as they see how much a university and the NCAA will spend to prevent players seeking better safety measures in their dangerous sport.

There is no doubt more money will be spent fighting their own players than it would cost to improve their workplace. The issue is not money, it is control. Stephen J. Hirschfeld is expert at taking that money and bringing conflict to the playing field.

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