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Unintentional Comedy: J-Lo's NYE's outfit dances with disaster

Oh. My. God.
Oh. My. God.
AP Photo/Craig Ruttle

Unintentional comedy. It's pretty self-explanatory, but for those of you who are out of the loop on this one, it's simply comedy that lacks comedic motive. 

A fabulous accident of unintentional comedy occurred last night when Jennifer Lopez took the stage for ABC's Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2010. Now, Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to both unintentional comedy and attempts at the deliberate kind. Her acting repertoire is rife with terribly laughable (or just straight-up terrible) flicks such as Gigli, Maid in Manhattan, and Enough.

But last night had nothing to do with her acting and everything to do with her outfit. This is surprising, as the one thing that J Lo has been able to get right in recent years is her ability to at least look classy. 

J Lo first entered the stage wearing a coat of what looked to be human hair. The horrifying locks had plenty of volume and movement, and had they not appeared to be so indubitably homo sapien, might have made for an aspect of coolness as she rocked her body around the stage. Later, her coterie of dancers came out in similar jackets, creating the illusion that the offspring of Cousin Itt had suddenly come to life in a manner that was more show-biz, less dowdy.

It was what happened post-"Louboutins" and pre-"Waiting for Tonight" that took this performance to a true level of unintentional comedy. Upon dropping the hair-scare of a coat, jaws did the same as J Lo took the stage in a skin-tight, crystal-encrusted and weirdly sheer full bodysuit. 

Now, like Dick Clark's New Year's Eve, J Lo's 40-year-old bod is obviously rocking. But just 'cause you got it doesn't always mean it's appropriate to flaunt it. In the words of a person at a local party, "I just couldn't stop staring at her crotch."

The truth holds itself to be self-evident: J Lo looked like less hot mom and more nude Ken doll than anything else. And if this was done as a publicity event, the Denver Comedy Examiner says "You go, girl...but before you go, can you please never wear anything like that again?"

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