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Unimpressed by Republican victory

As I watch the election returns, I am not as impressed with the gains of Republicans. If this was a normal midterm, I would say they did well. But with 17% unemployment, massive federal deficits, 2 wars, record unemployment, foreclosures and bankruptcies, I would expect a lot better.

Republicans have a better message on economics than Democrats. But their historical performance is just as bad. They run up deficits and get involved in foreign affairs just as much as Democrats. Maybe now, with the Tea Party, they will actually follow through on their promises. If they did, more people would trust them.

Republicans also have a bizarre fascination with being on the wrong side of social issues when it comes to liberty. They get involved in opposing gay rights, immigration and do not communicate well with minorities. Yet, homosexuals, immigrants and minorities would blend in and would support the economic policies of the message of the Tea Party/Republican Party of 2010 if they understood it and if they could trust them. Homosexuals are wealthier and more successful than heterosexuals. They would support policies that rewarded success. Immigrants hold more traditional values than most Americans. Mexicans and Filipinos are strongly Catholic and are fervently anti-abortion. Minorities, especially African Americans, have suffered under slavery and welfare systems forced upon them by Democrats. If you can't get former slaves to vote against the former slave masters, something is wrong.

If Republicans supported equal treatment of the homosexuals and minorities and advocated a path to immigration for undocumented aliens, they would easily add 10 % to every one of the races they are in. They would command the electorate. What is more important is that their social issues would be consistent with their proclaimed economic issues. Right now, their agendas are in conflict. This needs to be corrected.


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