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Aldous Huxley - People will come to love their servitude
Aldous Huxley - People will come to love their servitude
Public Domain

Most Americans feel something has changed, and not for the better, in America. But ask them what exactly has changed and how the change occurred, and most can only give a general impression of a loss of liberty and expansion of government power and control.

It is this writer’s belief that his Unified Theory of American Government and Politics will help his fellow American understand what is changing, how it is being changed and how they can resist change they oppose. Now this writer has collected enough information to write a book, but in deference to constructive and less constructive feedback about the length of some of his articles, this article will be a summary of this theory. (And I will write the book in the future). The Importance of getting this information into the minds of the American masses outweight any personal economic considerations.

This writer politely suggests the reader will get more out of this article if they read these 2 previous articles first:

To understand foundation of American Government, it is necessary to how our current American Government came to be. We will look at aspects of the government that preceded our Republic and examine and compare those same aspects as they occurred in the early Republic. We will compare these aspects of Governance under:

  1. Divine Right of Kings – Pre-American Revolution
  2. Consent of the Governed – Early America
  3. Progressivism – Current Day America

For our purposes, we are going to go back to the fall of the Roman Empire 476 AD.

In Western Europe, following the fall of Rome an economic system know as Feudalism and a Governance Doctrine Known as the Divine Right of Kings evolved into being.


The Governance Doctrine of Divine Right of Kings stated essentially:

The King is a God or the representative of God here on earth, and, therefore no earthly being can question his decisions.


All property belonged to the King. People upon the Kings property were subjects as opposed to citizens. Subjects do not have rights; they obtain permissions and/or privileges from the King or the Kings representative.


None besides the King owned property; they obtained the King’s permission to be upon it and/or were granted the privilege of managing a particular piece of property for the King in exchange for loyalty, payments and soldiers for the King’s Army. In short, almost the entire wealth of the country belonged to the King.


The vast majority of people were peasants. Under the economic system of Manorial Feudalism peasants were essentially tied to a parcel of land. In effect, they were the property of the King and whomsoever the King appointed to manage that land.


Various Class systems existed. The sharpest division was the King and his subjects. But to control all of his lands and subjects, the King had to delegate authority to others to administer sections of his Kingdoms. From this arose an aristocracy; initially just the trusted Administrators of the King’s Property and/or governmental affairs.

Though they did not think of it like this at the time, Aristocrats essentially traded the liberty of the masses for their own personal gain. Even if the King was wrong, they most usually went along to get along to keep their privileges and permissions. Little or no thought was given to the quality of life of the lower classes. And any conflicts of conscience between the King and the peasants were quickly decided in the favor of the King. Perhaps the key thought to take from this paragraph is that the King cannot maintain control without the support of the lower hierarchy. The King and the aristocracy were mutually dependent on each other to maintain their power and privilege and enforce their will on the masses.

As the Governance Doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings matured, another class of persons emerged called “Freedmen” or “Freemen” These often were merchants or tradesmen with enough wealth to be able to support and free themselves.


There was little or no Self-Determination. An individual’s life was most predicted by the class or status they were born into. Life was so harsh and existence so close to the margins, that most could not afford the consequences of challenging the social order. Your profession was most likely to be that of your father. If you were born the son of a blacksmith, more than likely you would grow up to be a blacksmith. If you were born the daughter of a blacksmith, you father would likely arrange a marriage with for you with someone of similar class and status. There were exceptions, to be sure, but the upward mobility experienced in the first 225 years of the American Republic did not exist under Feudalism and the Divine Right of Kings.

Without Self-Determination, the day to day, month to month and year to year elements of living became settled tradition. And tradition and superstition became the reasons and restraints to those that dare dream of their life being something more.


Truth was established by the King and the Church. The truth the King and the Church established could not be challenged. From your history you remember persons being excommunicated, punished, burned at the stake, or otherwise being killed for challenging Church Doctrine. People were killed for daring to say the earth was not flat and/or not the center of the universe. Even persons as famous as Galileo were punished for espousing positions other than that of the church. Galileo spent the last years of his life under house arrest. Social pressure, tradition and superstition kept most from even having to be threatened with punishment, let alone being punished. But the punishments that did happen were made to be spectacles to deter others from challenging the Kings and/or the Churches Established Truth.

And before the Printing Press was introduced to Europe, the "Truth" was easy to control. Town Criers and Church Masses were the principal public forums for the delivery of news. And they were controlled by the King or the Church. Further, most watched their tongues in public, like at the local pub, lest someone report them for disloyalty to the King (for a fee) and the guilty party be stripped of their permissions and privileges as punishment.


Education was almost entirely reserved for the aristocrats. For both the King and Aristocrats, education was though of more as a necessity required to run and administer the affairs of their respective office. Often Tutors for the offspring of the King and aristocracy were hired from amongst a group of learned people known as the "Men of Letters".

Little to no consideration was given to educating the masses. What education of the masses did occur was mostly teaching of Various trades and crafts to the children of the Tradesmen and craftsmen by said tradesmen and craftsmen. In most instances, the thoughts of the King and Aristocrats were that education would be wasted on those whose entire lives would consist of laboring in the fields.


Without the individual having only permissions and privileges from the King, Control was almost absolute. The Establishment of Truth by the King and the Church as well as the Class System removing the element of Self-Determination, lead to creativity and inspiration being stifled. And, therefore, most of the masses resigned themselves to their traditional existence.

But the possibility of brute force and harsh punishment was ever present.

Before we even get to the constable and the military, there are so many devastating consequences to “getting out of line” few would dare try. Privileges and Permissions disappeared in a heartbeat. One minute you are a serf entitled to a spot to sleep and a plate of food, and the next you are run off the property and left to fend for yourself. The greater your prosperity, the great the potential consequence to not behaving. You only have permissions and privileges. You are the local blacksmith?Not anymore if you get out of line. You and your family are run out of town and someone new is running your shop. You are a freeman that owns a hut with a thatched roof, and you get out of line…. No more. You and your family find yourself escorted to the edge of town with no idea where you will next sleep nor when you will next eat. And if you are a Lord, a Duke, a Baron or the Sheriff and you dare cross the King or someone higher up the food chain, how great will the devastation will be when you are removed from your position.

With the aforementioned consequences, societal pressures to "go along to get along" would also come from your family, friends, relatives and neighbors. All of them would fear your misbehavior could result in collateral damage to themselves. The consequences of being seen as loyal to the King, stifled most political dissent.

Next the Church and Superstition acted to quell the would-be unruly. With the uneducated peasants regularly exposed the threat of eternal damnation by the church during weakly masses, a word of caution from a Church official was likely motivate the unruly to comply.

Next, there were the Sheriff’s and Constables and the magistrates (Judges). With most of the masses having no rights, these folks had wide discretion to set and exact punishment. If the threat of punishment by the barbaric methods of the time were not sufficient to deter trouble makers, the spectacle of their punishment would serve to deter others.

And finally there was the military. Guns had not yet been invented and swords and other weapons were simply no affordable to the masses. If somehow the masses overcame their fear of the consequences, they still would be left to carry torches and pitch forks against the swords, armor, horses and catapults of the Kings army.


Though barter was common, money was the preferred medium of exhange. Money general existed in the form of coins made of precious metals like Silver or Gold. However, great wealth was often difficult to carry and attracted great risks.

Some persons, like blacksmiths, started taking peoples gold and giving the "Certificates of Deposit". Originally it was intended the holder would come back to the person they stored the gold with, when they needed it. Overtime, people started exchanging the certificates of deposit amongst themselves, instead of bothering to go get the physical gold. Over time, this practice developed into the banking.

When Kings got into financial trouble or wanted to go to war, they would borrow from certain persons who had great wealth.


As we have said, the King required loyalty, payments and soldiers for his army from the Aristocrats he gave the permission and privilege to run a portion of his Kingdom. And the Aristocrats in turn required payments from the masses to be able to pay the King and provide for themselves.

As such, taxes were not taxes as we see them today. Taxes then were used not only to keep the "government" running and able to make its payments, but also provided for the room, board and personal discretionary budget of the King and his fellow aristocrats.

Taxes were most often collected by low level tax collectors. When difficulties arose, the local authorities, like the Sheriff, would be sent to use more aggressive collection techniques. The Sheriff of Nottingham being the commonly known face of the medievil Sheriff.


During most of the existence of the Governance Doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings, those living under this Governance Doctrine did not contemplate the world and institutions around them in terms of Artificial or Parasitic Institutions.

Artificial Institutions are institutions that did not exist while mankind lived in the Natural State (Pre-Government).

In order to discuss parasitic institutions, we must first establish:

  • “All wealth is created by Labor” – John Locke
  • “All value is created by Labor” – Don Mashak

Parasitic Institutions, quite simply, take unearned wealth or value from labor, as you prefer. During the Enlightenment, 1650AS-1800AD, the Men of Letters established the Aristocracy and the Church as artificial and parasitic institutions that existed under the Divine Right of Kings. That is to say, the aristocracy and Church took far more value from those that labored to produce said value/wealth, than they returned to those who produced the value/wealth.


This heading is almost included here just as a place holder. The masses had no rights. They didn't vote for King. And the Divine Right of Kings specifically denied the masses the right of revolt or revolution. The reality is the aristocrats had some ability to hold the King accountable. If the King made too many of them unhappy, they might have had the power and arms to replace the King. But by and large, the aristocrats enjoyed a much higher standard of living than they would have as one of the masses. If the aristocrats expressed concerns to the King, it was likely to about maintaining or improving their own standard of living, not that of the masses.

There was little or no transparency and accoutability of the King and the aristoracy to the masses


Until the Governance Doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings matured, political parties did not exist. For the most part, the aristocratic ruling class was the political party and all had sworn loyalty to the King. The presence of political parties greatly expanded as the Men of Letters of the Enlightenment began to question the Nature of Man and the authority by which the King ruled.


"The Enlightenment", also known as the "Age of Reason", occurred from about 1650AD to 1800AD. During this time, there were many great scientific discoveries. This inspired more creative thinking in other fields, including Philosophy and Meta-Physics.

During this creative flourish, it was decided that Governments should be built with the Nature of Man in the Natural State in mind.

To justify the existence of the Governance Doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings, Thomas Hobbes in his book Leviathan, described the Nature of Man as:

Man is not by nature a social animal; society could not exist except by the power of the state.

John Locke pulled a lot of the thoughts of the time together in this writing:

According to Locke, the nature of man in the natural state (pre-government) is:

Man is a social creature, with tendencies towards reason and tolerance but who can be selfish.

Further, Locke prescribed that it was the nature of man to be free from other earthly constraint.

However, in the natural state a great deal of time and resources were required to protect ones life, property, family and liberty.

His thought process continued that Governments create greater liberty for everyone by reducing the time and resources required to protect one’s life, property, family and liberty in the Natural State.

Therefore, the only legitimate activities of Government are to protect the life, liberty and property of the individual and promote the general good.

Finally, individuals Consented to be Governed by entering into a social contract by which they gave up some of their Natural State Rights to act as judiciary and executive in defense of his life, liberty, property and family. This they did in exchange for the governments guarantee to abide by the social contract;thereby giving them greater liberty than they had in the Natural State.

Long story short, these various persons known as Men of Letters (Scholars) began to question why the King was the King, why the king owned everything and why the King and Church were always right.

The result was either peaceful accommodation or violent overthrow of the government such as occurred during the American and French Revolutions.


After a rough start under the Articles of Confederation, the American Colonist agreed on a Constitution and Bill of Rights. (Knowledge of the Natural Rights of Individuals was so common at the time that the Founders debated if a Bill of Rights was even necessary.)

This writer contends that Americans did not revolt from England, or King George, but rather they revolted from the Governance Doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings.

Please note further that real people actually died to cast of the tyranny of the Divine Right of Kings. That said, it’s your right and obligation to prevent your government from diminishing your liberty.

That said, let us now examine the same aspects of life and government that we did under the Divine Right of Kings.


The Governance Doctrine of Consent of the Governed essentially states:

The individual has consented to be governed in accordance with the social contract on the promise that said consent will yield the individual more liberty than they would have in the Natural State. The individual may withdraw their Consent of the Governed after exhausting all of their peaceful remedies after enduring a Long Train of Abuses by the Government.

Further, our American Founders did not have a very high opinion of the nature of man in the natural state. Perhaps this statement best sums up their opinion of the nature of man.

  • All [People] have free will and are not virtuous by nature.

Cato Letters 59 & 60r

Therefore, in anticipation of generations of non-virtuous people inhabiting our government, our Founders built Checks and Balances, Transparency and Accountability into our Government.

Note that whereas the King was omnipotent under the Divine Right of Kings and his decisions could not be questioned, Natural Law provides for the questioning of the acts of the government and provides for the withdrawal of Consent to be Governed if the government engages a long train of abuses which are not redressed upon petition of the people and/or upon exhaustion by the people of all peaceful remedies.

What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Thomas Jefferson


Each person has certain unalienable, Natural Rights pursuant to Natural Law, the Rule of Law, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. None of said Rights can be taken away except as punishment of a crime and then only after receiving Due Process Pursuant to the Rule of Law. Americans are Citizens, not Subjects. They have the Right to withdraw their Consent to be Governed. American Citizens are the Sovereigns of this Country.

Note the difference of individuals having unalienable rights instead of permissions and privileges which can be arbitrarily withdrawn by the King/Government.


Each person has the right to own private property. Until recently, said property could not be taken away except as condemnation for Government use pursuant to the Fifth Amendment, and then only with just compensation.

Note here that the Government does not own everything.


Americans are created equal. They have unalienable rights. Because all are equal, no one has the power to arbitrarily take aware their unalienable rights. And, again, Citizens can withdraw their Consent to be Governed pursuant to the road map the Declaration of Independence lays out. The time to withdraw the Consent to be Governed being after exhausting all peaceful remedies have been exhausted after enduring a long train of abuses.

Note here that government officials are to be considered equals and/or public servants of WE THE PEOPLE. This as opposed to being subjects of country’s Leaders under the Governance Doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings.


As all Americans are created equal and all are to be judged pursuant to the Rule of Law. (One set of Law with one set of standards when and where each comes before the Court as equals). Until recently, there was only one class of citizens recognized in the United States.

Note here the elimination of the Class system that existed under the Divine Right of Kings. The liberty of the individual was expanded and they could Self-Determine the course of their lives.


Self-Determination is a foundational element of Natural Law and Consent of the Governed. As the purpose of Government is only to expand the liberty that an individual would have in the Natural State, each individual is free to determine the course of their lives. The caveat that most forget is the individual’s acceptance of the rewards and consequences of all the decisions they make in charting the course for their lives. It should not be the expectation of the individual that others be forced to give up their liberty and/or property because the individual made poor choices. That would defeat the social contract promise to expand the liberty and protect the property of all individuals.

Note here that the individual, not the King, the Church or a class system artificial constrain the individual’s self-determination.


Pursuant to Natural Law, the individual is to determine Truth for themselves using their own observations and reasoning.

Note here, Truth is determined by the individual, not the King or the Church as occurred under the divine Right of Kings.


Very early on, our Government has determined that all persons should receive free K-12 Education to allow them more efficiently create value for themselves and to provide them the mental faculties to understand their Natural Rights and guard against their government becoming tyrannical.


As part of the Social Contract, the government is granted overwhelming power to enforce the Rule of Law, the Defense of the Country and Defense of every individual’s life, liberty and property.

Except as punishment for a crime or in times of National emergency or crisis, like War, a person’s unalienable rights cannot be taken from them.

Only upon exhausting their peaceful remedies after enduring a long train of abuses may the individual withdraw their Consent to be Governed.

The Constitution provides, that except for unusual circumstances, law enforcement and not the military, maintains law and order in America.

Citizens are to maintain control over a government using their right to vote and their Natural Right to Petition the governement for redress of grievances with fear of punishment or retalitation as reduced to writing in the First Amendment.

The government is required to be transparent and accountable so that the citizens can use there own observations and reason to determine whether the government is abideing by the Social Contract, Natural Law, the Rule of Law, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


Barter was still pretty common, but money was the preferred medium of exhange.

The US Constitution provides for all money to be backed by specie(silver, gold, etc)

Money general existed in the form of coins made of precious metals like Silver or Gold.

Our government has tried to manage its money supply with a central bank on numerous occasions, most often ending in disaster.

You are a den of vipers and thieves. I have determined to rout you out, and by the Eternal, (bringing his fist down on the table) I will rout you out!

President Andrew Jackson (Speaking about the Bank of the United States)

The current US Central Bank was established in 1913 under Progressive President Woodrow Wilson. It is a privately owned bank known as the Federal Reserve Bank. WE THE PEOPLE pay the Federal Reserve Bank $25 Billion per year to manage our money and economy.


Taxes became clearer in purpose in the new Republic. They were no longer to be commingled with the leaders personal living expenses as happened with the King and artistocrats under the Divine Right of Kings.

And the taxes were to be set in a public forum by Congress with explanations as to the how and the why the taxes were being collect and the money was being spent.

Tax Collection was done in much the same way. Tax Collectors collected what they could and other government officials pursued the more difficult tax collection challenges.

In the beginning of our country, income such as wages was not considered income for tax purposes. Though they were considered income in calculating taxes to pay off the Civil War debt, our current tax system with its widely expanded definition of payments considered income were pretty much set in stone in 1913. Once again, by Progressive President Woodrow Wilson.


To being with, our laws and government are artificial institutions. However, the Artificial and Parasitic institutions of early America are so numerous that this writer will cover them in an upcoming article with the working title of "Artificial and Parasitic Institutions of Modern America."

The artificial and parasitic institutions of early America will be a subset of the artificial and parasitic institutions of current day America contained in said article.


As we have already established, our Founding Fathers believed our government would be inhabited by non-virtuous people for generations. Therefore, they built into our Constitution and government Checks and Balances, Transparency and Accountability.


At the beginning of our Country, there were no political parties. In fact, Washington and other Founders depised the notion of political parties. Washington warned that political parties caused divided loyalties.

But after very few Presidential elections, at least 2 seperate and distinct political parties had emerged.


This writer asserts that there is an ongoing attempt by elements of a ruling class, similar to that ruling class that existed under the Divine Right of Kings, to re-establish the power and control the ruling class had under the Divine Right of Kings. This ruling class may call various aspects and methods of their tyranny different things but the result is the same.


This writer asserts that the first attempt to re-establish the power and control that the ruling class under the Divine Right of Kings had came in the mid 1800’s via Karl Marx.

This writer asserts that the essence of Marxism is to get the masses to willingly accept tyranny as government on the false premise that life will be better for the masses under this tyranny rather than their current socio/economic/political system. In essence, the past ruling class realized it screwed up with its overt displays of power, arrogance and wealth and now is willing to create an outward appearance of freedom and a fair democratic process to the masses as a necessary means to regain its previous power and control.

Marxism morphed into two branches of implementation, Socialism and Communism. However, freedom loving Americans could not be sold anything called and resembling Marxism 1.0. While Marxism ravaged Europe in the form of Socialism and the former USSR in the form of Communism, American rugged Individualism resisted Marxism 1.0.

This writer asserts that the Old World Ruling Class then decided to repackage and rebrand Marxism 2.0. To evade dragging along the stink of Marxism 1.0 and to minimize the alarm the name "Marxism" alone would cause, a new name was necessary. In about 1905, Marxism 2.0 was renamed Progressivism. For now this writer leaves it to the reader to compare and contrast the main elements of Marxism with those of Progressivism and determine the truthfulness of this writers conclusion for themselves..

However, this writer will inform you of the Marxist Progressives description of the nature of man in the natural state (pre-government)

Man is a Social creature who is altruistic.

Progressivism faded in the early 1900s, but had a couple of resurgences from then to now. With Obama, the Progressive Movement appears to once again be in full swing.

This writer asserts that the nature of man in the natural state much more closely resembles that of John Locke’s and/or the description of man’s nature in Cato Letters 59 & 60.

As such, a government built on a Progressivism’s false or fraudulent perspective of the nature of man is condemned to failure. A skyscraper built on a bad foundation is doomed to fall.

But let’s review those same aspects of government that we did under Divine Right of Kings and early American government, and see if you see the same restriction of our liberties and expansion of government's tyranny that this writer does.


This writer begins by asserting that the early failure of the ruling class to regain the power and control they had under the Governance Doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings failed so badly, they felt the need to resort to duplicity and lies. In a way reminiscent of the way the Progressives usurped the true, grassroots Occupy movement and the Republicans usurped much of the true, grassroots TEA Party movement, the Progressives appear to have usurped the Populist Movement of the 1890s and early 1900s. (The Populist Movement was largely driven by the masses being fed up with Government Corruption, Big Business Trusts and shannagins that were being played with the monetary system.)

Further, as this writer often tweets, Progressivism is calculated, incremental expansion of tyranny. Progressives are ever conscious of that “frog in the pot” analogy. They don’t want to expand their tyranny or restrict our liberty too quick or some of us frogs will jump out and revolt. (Withdraw our Consent to be Governed)

Please note further that real people actually died to cast of the tyranny of the Divine Right of Kings. That said, it’s your right and duty to prevent your government from diminishing your liberty that was paid for with the blood of previous generations.


The Governance Doctrine of Progressivism essentially states:

The Community is more important than the individual. Therefore the individual must be prepared, conditioned, rewarded or trained to subordinate their personal unalienable rights to those of the community.

As the nature of man is to be social and altruistic, we can trust the Educated Elites to determine what the best interests of the community are. The Educated Elites will be selected from amongst the leisure (rich) class as they have the time to study governance.

As the Educated Elites are smarter than the masses, they will Establish Truth for the masses. If the masses disagree with the Educated Elites, they are wrong and/or are contaminated with the old institutions of individuality, creativity, competition and free markets. Such persons shall be punished, conditioned, reeducated, rewarded and/or retrained until they see that the Educated Elites are correct.

Because the masses are ignorant or contaminated with the evil institutions of individualism, creativity, competition and/or free markets, the Educated Elites may lie to the masses to get them to do what the Educated Elites know is best for the community.

Note that instead of a government built with Checks and Balances, Transparency and Accountability, in fully implemented Progressivism, the Progressive Educated Elites are removing virtually all of the safe guards the Founders built into our government. (For Example, think of Executive orders.)

Note the similarity of Educated Elites under Progressivism to the King and the Church under the Divine Right of Kings: Determiners of Truth, Decisions can be questioned, permissions and privileges instead of rights for the masses, selected from among the ruling class.This writer cannot understand why there is not open revolt already.


Progressive Doctrine calls for every individual’s rights are subordinated to the best interest of the community as solely determined by the Educated Elites. The Progressives are quietly making this a reality. (How much of what you have read in this article, are you hearing for the first time?)

Please note that under Progressive President Woodrow Wilson, in 1913 your country was taken off from a system of Constitutional Law and a system of Case Law was installed. Now your government can do whatever it wants without regard to the Constitution just by implementing a series of incremental Case Law rulings to get them from where the Constitutions say we are to where Progressives want us to be on any given issue.

In the next section we will discuss how a series of court cases citing privious Case Law have falsely established that the government can ignore your property rights.

How about your right to privacy? The Fourth Amendment prohibits unreasnnable searches and seizures, but the NSA FISA Court has trampled your Natural Right to Privacy.

While the Courts, your government and Major Media would have you believe such Court rulings are random chance, this writer asserts that this represents the expansion of the implementation of the Progressive Agenda.

Note the similarity to the replacement of unalienable rights to permissions and privileges reminiscent of the Divine Right of Kings. (We will discuss this more in subsequent sections.)


Recent Supreme Court decision Case Law has affirmed that the Government can take land from one private property owner and give it to another private property owner. The Fifth Amendment is under assault. Private property can only be condemned for government use after due process upon payment of fair market price. How does one private party being willing to pay more taxes than anothe private party fulfill that requirement?

Please tell me the difference between that and a King kicking a person off a piece of property because someone will pay the King more rent?

And now, against provisions of our Constitution, the UN is trying to force upon us Agenda 21. The alleged reasons for Agenda 21 are Global Warming now called "Climate Change", Pollution and sustainability. What Agenda 21 really is is an evil genius plan to give Progressive Educated Elites (representatives of the one and only ruling class pretending to be two major political parties) the same control over private property that the Kings under the Divine Right of Kings. The Educated Elites want to be able to control what you do in and on your private property. Amongst these is a inspection and standards requirement that must occur and be met each time any property, like your home is sold.

In short, your private property ownership Rights are being Case Lawed away.


Here again, WE THE PEOPLE are being reduced to subjects.

The Courts are ruling that your property can be taken away any time the government says the community will be bette off with the property in someone else hands.

The Courts are saying the community will be better off if the Government can invade your personal privacy and perform unreasonable searches and seizures upon you.

In case you have not figured out where this is headig, the Progressive Agenda will eventually have Educated Elites telling you which job you can do to best serve the needs of the community. And because they assert that you are ignorant or contaminated with the old evil ways, you don’t get to challenge their decisions. (Or off to reeducation center for you)

Do free citizens feel they have to vote for one party or the other to get benefits like Social Security, Medicare or Obamacare? Sounds like the Progressivism have found a new way to sneak permissions and privileges back into the equation.

Complain aabout government, taxes or engage in any kind of political dissent and there goes your Social Security, Medicare, Unemployement, Workman's Compensations and your kids Tonsilectomy. Progressives have ingeniously figured out a way to sneak permisions and privileges back into our society as a means to oppress, repress and supress WE THE PEOPLE.

Note here that under Progressivism, individuals who are not Educated Elites have become the subjects of the Educated Elites. Does that not sound almost exactly like the subjects of a King under the Divine Right of Kings.


A class system has already emerged. An aristocracy already exists. There no longer exists a Rule of Law where there is one set of laws that apply to everyone equally. Congress and the President have exempted themselves and others from Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare.

Congress has completely trashed the Rule of Law by voting to allow itself to continue to engage in Insider Trading that is illegal to everyone else. That’s right, your Congress folks have voted to allow them to steal money using knowledge only they have because only they make the laws to steal value from those like you and I who don’t have said knowledge.

Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal. Martin Luther King

Again, since all value/wealth is only created by our labor, Congress is stealing value/wealth from rank and file Americans.

Now, remember this thought from the Class System under the Divine Right of Kings?

Perhaps the key thought to take from this paragraph is that the King cannot maintain control without the support of the lower hierarchy. The King and the aristocracy were mutually dependent on each other to maintain their power and privilege and enforce their will on the masses.

The same, of course, goes for Marxism, Socialism and Communism. Those in power cannot stay in power without the help of the lower hierarchy. Sad as it is to say, some people are willing to trade the liberty of others for their own personal gain and comfort. Under the Divine Right of Kings, everyone from the Nobles down to the Sheriff and Tax Collectors traded the liberty of the masses for their personal gain and comfort.

And Progressives count on this flaw in the human condition to maintain there power. In political parties, there are those who quickly trade the liberty of the rank and file membership, for a chance to be a party officer or a candidate. The perverse meritocracy of the two major political parties rewards those who are more loyal to the Party Establishment than they are to the rank and file membership. Over the past two years, I have heard numerous stories from true patriots who were advancing the issues of the masses, being retaliated against. They have been asked to give up chairmanships and vice chairmanships. This writer has experienced the same thing.

The public schools, major media and Hollywood have us all believing that the political parties are benevolent champions of their rank and file membership. The reality is something completely different. But if you do not press the issues, you are not aware that the facade of the two major political parties does not match the reality.

The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it. – John Hay

This is how Progressivism works. There is the appearance of freedom and the Democratic Process, but that is as far as it goes. It reminds this writer of the Central Committee of the Former USSR. Allegedly the workers were running the show via the democratic process. But behind the scenes was the arm twisting and fear of loss of permissions and privileges if they didn't fall in line with the Communist Party Leadership directives.

In essence, the two major US political parties have emulated the former USSR Central Committees protocols and techniques for simulating the appearance of the Democratic Process with behind the scenes coercion. To see examples of this in both major parties, please read this writer's previous article: "The American Democratic Process died a little more in Election 2012" This writer challenges you to follow the instructions in the following article and report back on if your experiences in championing the issues of rank and file Americans meat with similar stonewalling and blow back.

2014 New Year's Resolutions for Patriots

Though Marism calls for no class system, with everyone be comrades and all, there is. In the former USSR, the Party Elite has special stores and were able to get things the masses could not.And the Progressives have created a similar permission and privilege for those loyal to the Progressive Ruling Class. But again, the Progressives have learned from there past failures, such as the form USSR.

Progressive control of the lower hierarchy comes in the form of permissions and privileges based on wages. Government employees are generally paid far more than the same job in the private sector. It is an economic reality that expenses rise to meet income. Once they accustomed to the higher wages and have created higher expenses, government employees cannot find a job in the private secotr that pays as well(dont forget fringe benefits). If they stumble across or are asked to participate in misdeeds, their ability to do the right thing is limited because they cannot find a job in the private sector that will pay enough to allow them to meet their expenses.

So there you have it, the same trading of liberty of liberty of the masses for the personal gain and comfort from the Divine Right of Kings has manifest itself in Progressivism, our government and our political parties.

And this is what this writer calls the "perverse meritocracy".

And this perverce meritocracy will serve the Educated Elites when the Progressive Agenda is fully implemented, with Progressive Educated Elites being in a class of their own.

America, are you really willing to give up your Natural Right to equality to become subjects in a class system society?


First lets begin with a more difficult concept. If I tell you a lie to get you to do something, and you do it.... Did you do it of your own free will?

Progressives will tell you, you acted on free will? How does that feel to you.

It hurts this writer's head just to wrap my mind about it. Its like watching Orwell's 1984 as a movie. Up is down, right is left, and clouds need puppy chow.

Progressive Doctrine states Edicated Elites can lie to you to get you to do what they want you to do because you are to dumb to know whats good for you. Are you scoffing at that.

What do you think the lies that you could keep your insurance and doctor to get Obamcare passed were about. This is what Progressivism is....

Which do you prefer? Determing Truth for yourself and Self Determination or Progressive psychobabble reality?

Next, when the Progressive Agenda is fully implemented, unless you are an educated elite, the Educated Elites will determine how you can best contribute to society. And this writer has heard that you have been selected to be a left flap folder in a large paper box company. Hurrary, you have a job! And you will be contrbuting to the best interests of the community. Aren't you happy! And if you don’t obey; conditioning, reeducation, retraining, punishment etc. for you.

Note here that the individual regresses to an infantile, serf-like state in taking direction from Educated Elites arbitrarily selected from the leisure (class). Is that the dream you have for you and future generations of Americans, including your own children?


Prior to The Enlightenment, Kings and Churches commanded what the "Truth" was. After Age of Reason, those darn masses insisted on establishing Truth for themselves using their own observation and reasoning.

This writer asserts that the Old World Ruling Class put their heads together and said what can we do if we are stuck the masses insisting on thinking for themselves. And it dawned on them, "If we can't tell them what to think, we will control the flow of information that they observe such that they think what we want them to think and they will think its their own free will idea."

And along came Progressive Edward Bernays. Edward Bernays taught Progressives how to alter your perception of reality my messing with your emotions and base instincts. This video shoud sufficiently enlighten you sufficient in that regard. This writer founds the governments use of these techniques simply creepy and evil.

Our Major Media and Hollywood are the instruments the Progressives are using to control the information you observe. If the only information you receive is controlled so you reach a certain conclusion, that is the conclusion you will most likely come to. President Obama controlled the information you got about Obamacare by lying. Based on what Obama and the Major Media told you about Obamacare, the majority of you thought Obamacare was a good thing. And now that the deal is done, but the lies exposed, President Obama has essentially told you to pound sand.

And this Progressive cycle of lying to get the masses get the masses to do what Educated Elites (aka the rich) want you to do, will repeat until they Progressives are dealth with. How can you ever establish Truth for yourself, if all you recieve is false information from your Progressive Government?

Again, Pursuant to Progressivism, Educated Elites know best. The masses are too ignorant or contaminated with old, evil thoughts like individualism, creativity, competition and free markets to establish truth for themselves. And even when they tell you something is the “truth”, it might not be the truth because Progressivism permits the Educated Elites to lie to you to get you to do what they think is best. (Does your head hurt yet?)

Currently, the Major Media, Hollywood and the Courts have taken the role of the King and the Church in Establishing Truth for the masses. Major media spews the lies, propaganda and censorship that has been determined to best induce the masses to act the way the Educated Elites want them to.

The Courts engage in a bizarre scheme of only letting on the official court record, facts and evidence that will allow the judge to rule the way the judge wants. The judge telegraphs to both the lawyers the way they want to rule (or tell them at the country club, golf course or continuing legal education) the way they want to rule. And then the two lawyers coordinate how to do so while charging you as much as they think you can afford.

America, are we really going to let them force us back to the existence and mental state of the serfs and oafs of the Dark Ages?


The Progressives have been rewriting history for our children for 100 years. Natural Law and the Enlightenment should be major areas of studies for every High School Student. Natural Law is the Foundation of our Country and Constitution. Yet most of you have never heard of it, think its something else or only have a cursory exposure to it via your public school studies?

That is by design of the Progressives. Natural Law encourages individuality, creativity and competition. The Progressives want sheople who can be more easily managed and manipulated.

Next, this writer must remind you that The Enlightenment's "Men of Letters" are largely responsible for the intellectual footwork that allow the masses to cast off the Governance Doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings. Today we would call the "Men of Letters" Scholars. Sadly, this writer must inform you that the Second of Enlightenment of ManKind will happen without the Scholars. The Old World Ruling Class realized the mistake of kicking the Men of Letters to the curb. This time around, the Progressive Ruling Class has bought and paid for the loyalty of the Scholars. This time around the Scholars are going to stay in their ivory towers and collect their grant money, leaving only us rank and file Americans to cast of this tyranny. This time around the Scholars seem to have been co-opted by the promise of becoming privileged Educated Elites (secretly representing the interests of the wealthy). Another example of our fellow citizens who are willing to trade the liberty of the masses for their own personal gain.

Now, it is appropriate at this time to talk about the Progressives "Conditioning" Programs. Remember how Progressives alleged that the masses are contaminated with various evil beliefs, behaviors and institutions like individuality, creativity, competition and free markets? Well Progressives believe these evil thoughts can be conditioned or educated out of us. As examples, this writer cites "not keeping scores at games" and "Pass/Fail" grades. Remember, according to Progressives, competition is bad. Further, once you are programmed to believe outcomes dont matter, its the only the best interests of the community that matter, you won't mind living in a tin shack while the Progressive Educated Elites lives in Mansions. This is all a set up for the masses accepting a lower standard of living that the other "classes". (You are welcome to research this all yourself)

And the latest Progressive conditioning and mind control program being put forward is "Common Core". Does this sound like the education your grew up with?

Common Core lessons sneaking politics into elementary classrooms

Top 10 things to know about #CommonCore

And when the Progressive Agenda is fully implemented, the Educated Elites will determine for you which course of education is best for you so you can contribute in a manner that best contributes to the community.

Oh, you mean the Progressives didn't tell you this? Does this writer really have to tell you why?


Control is absolute under Progressivism. First, Educated Elites don’t even have to worry about sin or a guilty conscience like a King under the Divine Right of Kings. Progressivism explicitly allows Progressive Educated Elites to lie to the ignorant masses, because the ignorant masses are too dumb to know what’s good for them. All a Progressive Educated Elite has to say is anything they did to you was for the good of the Community.

Next, Progressivism provides for a whole series of programs to address those who reject the new order the Progressive Educated Elite intend to inflict on WE THE PEOPLE. Remember the former Soviet Union? Remember re-education, remember psychological treatments, remember the gulags of Siberia? Progressivism called for these and other punishments and rewards to grind the old evil thoughts of individuality, creativity, competition and free markets out of you.

But we have established the Progressives prefer subtle duplicity and control and the appearance of free will. It is not until you grow old that you realize how much your debts constrain your freedom. Once you have a certain monthly payment to make, you can no longer quit your job on a whim and you dream of a raise. And most certainly, you can go down to the government and make a scene about their poor management of America. Now you and your wife are working 70 hours a week each to make the payment on all those bells, whistles and kids you wanted.

Its called Consumerism. Remember Progressive Edward Bernays from earlier? The guy who taught the government how to mess with your perspective of reality by exploiting your emotions and base instincts. That same guy engage in propaganda to change American Society from a NEEDS based Society to and WANTS based society. Big Business wanted more sales and Edward Bernays delivered. (You Green Environmentalist Progressives should think about that long and hard.)

And so President Obama wants to give everyone loans because he is a heck of a nice guy. Ah, no. You college students being offered those wonderful loans, be warned. They are calculated oppression, repression and suppression. Once you get into repayment status your free time to save the world and confront injustice will evaporate. You and the country will be better off if you "just say no" and do with less.

Its in the interests of the tyrant to make his subjects poor; people are so occupied with their daily tasks they have no time for plotting - Aristotle

But we are not done. Remember those permissions and privileges you now have under Progressivism just like peasants had under the Divine Right of Kings and Feudalism. Welcome to the new world of Obamacare. Complain about corruption? No tonsillectomy for your kid. Complain about loss of liberty? No cancer treatment for your spouse. Complain about your taxes? No heart transplant for you.

Let us not forget the control of your private property that the Progressive Educated Elites intend to inflict on you once Agenda 21 is established as the law of the land. (We discussed this under the heading of Private Property Rights.)

And for the still not stilled voices of Political Dissent we have discrediting, marginalizing and demonizing. Back to the Progressive lies. Progressivism gives permission to tell lies about the voices of political dissent. This writer previously wrote an article that more fully explains that Progressive tactic:

FBI, COINTELPRO & Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day(1/3 Intro & Sections 1&2)

The Social Contract to Consent to be Governed will be shredded.

Law Enforcement and the Military have to worry about your individual rights, so long as they can “say” they are acting in the best interests of the community.

There is no right to withdraw your Consent to be Governed. Each act of political dissent just puts you in the endless loop of reeducation and punishment.

How do you like your life under Progressivism now?


Money has taken many new forms that are very convenient. Credit and Debit Cards being the leading examples.

However, while the US Constitution provides for all money to be backed by specie(silver, gold, etc). it no longer is. (We will talk about that more in the future article with the working titile "Artificial and Parasitic Institutions of Modern America".

The current US Central Bank was established in 1913 under Progressive President Woodrow Wilson. It is a privately owned bank known as the Federal Reserve Bank. WE THE PEOPLE pay the Federal Reserve Bank $25 Billion per year to manage our money and economy.

Our government is printing $85 Billion of worthless money every month in a program known as Quantitative Easing III. It is almost inevitiable that the dollar is going to collapse. This is what the Progressives want. It sets the way for the United States to make entry into a New World Order.


Progressives continue to expand the number of things that can be taxed. Check out your cell phone bill and count the number of taxes.

The collection of taxes has become largely electronic. Now the IRS Court and its agents round up those who have problems with paying their taxes.

The Irony of the Progressive Income Tax is this: While the masses are hung up on increases that Progressive Tax Rate, the rich, liesure class and Corporations think to themselves, what do I care what the Tax rate is if I can reduce the size of my taxable income by 90% with tax deductions.

This writer was under the impression that Progressives were the protectors of the little guy, not the Corporations and the rich. Perhaps the jokes on you?

And we would be remiss not to address the way Progressives have managed to get an element of the masses supporting their personal lifestyle. Campaign Contributiosn. Our Congress has voted that any campaign contributions left over when they decide to no longer run for offices may be "legally" converted to their person use.


Again, our laws and government are artificial institutions. However, the Artificial and Parasitic institutions of modern America are so numerous that this writer will cover them in an upcoming article.


The Checks and Balances, Transparency and Accountability.our Founders built into our Constitution and Government have largely been dismantled.

This writer has been asking for the financials from his local Wright County MN Board for coming on 5 years now. They are supposed to be public record. The Wright County Board ignored this writer's FOIA request. The Minnesota Attorney General and State Auditor say they cant assist. This writer's political party actively torpedos his efforts to requiring Cities, Counties and Schools post their checkbooks and/or budgets, actual spending and revenues on the internet in laymans terms with no aggregates over $100. Does anyone else think the masses are being ripped off by municipal governments on a grand scale.

Further, since 2005 hundreds of Minnesotans have been denied their 1st Amendment Right to Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances. Since 2005. the Minnesota State House and Senate Judiciary have refused a dedicated hearing so hundreds of Minnesotans could give evidence and testimony of corruption in the Minnesota Judiciary.

This is Transparency and Accountability under Progressivism.


There are now Progressives in both the Republican and Democrat Party. This writer asserts that, in fact, Progressives control both of the 2 alleged major political parties.

Speaker's Boehner joining the Democrats attacks on the TEA Party were a wake up call.

For the record, this writer asserts: There are not two major political parties. There is 1 and only 1 ruling class pretending to be 2 major political parties.


This writer hopes that those of you who had a general sense that something is wrong, now better understand what is wrong. There is malignant cancer of tyranny growing in our government. It cannot be trusted and it cannot be reasoned with.

And, your nightmare is just beginning. The entire Progressive Governance Model is built on the wrong assertion as to the nature of man.

For those who believe there still are two major political parties: And the Progressives now control both the Democrat and Republican Party? (As for this writer, he is of the opinion that there is one and only one ruling class pretending to be two major political parties)

Man is not altruistic by nature. People are not virtuous by nature.

Using your own observations and reasoning, Establish for yourself what the truth is?

Do you agree with this writer, John Locke and the Cato Letters that man is not virtuous by nature?

Or do you believe the Progressives got it right in saying that people are altruistic and can blindly trusted to do the right thing?

And if you agree with this writer, Locke and Cato, with all the Check and Balances, Transparency and Accountability the Founders built in, stripped out; what will happen?

And anything built on a faulty foundation must eventually fall.

Will that be a positive or negative result for you and your family?

Those were my thoughts.

In Closing:

Thank you, my fellow citizens, for taking your valuable time to read and reflect upon what is written here.

This article is written with the same intentions as Thomas Paine I seek no leadership role. I seek only to help the American People find their own way using their own “Common Sense”

Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

In Liberty,

Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot
Don Mashak Google Plus


Critical Thinking Notice - This author advises you as no politician would dare. Exercise Critical Thinking ( in determining the truthfulness of anything you read or hear.

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