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Unicycling Darth Vader with Flaming Bagpipes performs on ‘Kimmel’ (video)

Brian Kidd better known as “The Unipiper” offered a glimpse of pure insanity on Wednesday night in Hollywood. The YouTube viral video of the Unicycling Darth Vader with Flaming Bagpipes came to life on Jimmy Kimmel Live as the performer recreated the moment. Jimmy Kimmel pleased all the viewers, including the Stormtroopers in the audience, when he introduced a talented man from Portland and allowed him to do his trick live on stage.

“The internet gives us so many strange and wonderful gifts,” said Jimmy Kimmel introducing the segment of the show called Can They Do It Live and then Brian Kidd came out on his unicycle.

Offering a glimpse of how unique it is to be Darth Vader on a unicycle, the YouTube star had the viewer’s attention when he started. Then he began to play the Star Wars theme on his flaming bagpipes while still in motion on the unicycle. Yes, it was an epic moment in Hollywood that was recreated to prove the man has mad skills.

There is no doubt every Star Wars fan will want to see this trick performed live. The unique moment has people questioning if it was real (which it was) and gives everyone a reason to go to YouTube to find other talented individuals.

Take a look at the video clip of Jimmy Kimmel introducing The Unipiper. Hopefully Jimmy Kimmel and his crew will find out cool YouTube stars to bring to Hollywood to see as this is really cool entertainment!

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