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UNICEF desperately low on funds for Syrian war relief

UNICEF, the children's relief agency, today confirmed it has only received 2 percent of the funding it needs this year to provide aid inside Syria. Three years of civil war has left five million children in need of food, medicine and other humanitarian supplies.

A Syrian girl at the Domiz refugee camp in Northern Iraq. UNICEF provides services here to more than 40,000 Syrian refugees

UNICEF says children have been "cut off from aid, living in rubble and struggling to find food, protection, medical care or psychological support, and have little or no access to education."

The malnutrition and lack of medical supplies has tragically claimed the lives of children. The violence in the country has ruined supplies and basic services that were once fairly routine to obtain.

Anthony Lake, the director of UNICEF says, “This war has to end so that children can return to their homes to rebuild their lives in safety with their family and friends. This third devastating year for Syrian children must be the last."

In addition, UNICEF's aid to Syrian refugee children is only 13 percent funded. Over two million people have fled Syria to neighboring Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt.

The UN children's agency says there are more Syrian refugee children than the combined under-18 populations of Los Angeles and Boston.

UNICEF USA has set up a donation page for Syria's children.

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