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Unhappy holidays for Tiger Woods as the signs point toward divorce.

Tiger and Elin Woods on October 11, 2009 at the closing ceremonies of The President's Cup.
Tiger and Elin Woods on October 11, 2009 at the closing ceremonies of The President's Cup.
(AP Photo/Scot Tucker, File)

From the “car crash heard ‘round the world” on what was, essentially, Thanksgiving Day (2:30am Friday) and a visit from DCF to the (speculated) filing of Divorce papers by his wife before New Year’s Eve, the holiday season, so far, has not been a merry one for Tiger Woods.

The catalyst:

It all started when, apparently, Tiger had been texting one of his mistresses on Thanksgiving Day (classy) and was caught by his wife, Elin Nordegren. Sources have speculated that she chased him outside and into his vehicle with a golf club and then began to smash the windows of his Cadillac Escalade with it. When he attempted to drive away, he crashed into a fire hydrant and a neighbor dialed 911.

The children:

On Friday, reported that The Florida Department of Children and Families visited the Woods home on Friday, December 11th, to check on the safety and welfare of Tiger and Elin’s two children, Sam, 2, and Charlie, 10 months.

The mistresses:

According to many magazines and the ladies themselves, Tiger has slept with at least 14 different women during the span of his marriage. I originally thought that he used sex with these women as a way of coping after his father’s, Earl Woods, death in May of 2006, however, it seems that he was sleeping with at least one mistress before that time.

According to, here is a list of Tiger’s first 10 mistresses:

1. Rachel Uchitel. NYC club hostess. The first mistress linked to Woods, sparking his fight with wife Elin, which led to his car crash. His emails suggest he was falling for Rachel, but now she's just worried what diseases he may have given her.
2. Jamie Grubbs. Tool Academy contestant and cocktail waitress. Had 31-month-long affair with Woods and coughed up the voicemail to prove it. Thinks we are dumb enough to believe her when she says she didn't know he was married.
3. Kalika Moquin. Club manager/promoter from Las Vegas.
4. Jamie Jungers. Very cute, but totally trashy lingerie model from Vegas. Says she spent Tiger's money on liposuction during the time they were together.
5. Mindy Lawton. Trailer park waitress from Orlando. Kind of blah. Said Woods' wife Elin was pregnant during their affair, and that Tiger hates condoms.
6. Cori Rist. Aspiring, mostly failed model. Met Woods at a Manhattan club last year. Was married herself (with a child) throughout her fling with Woods.
7. Holly Sampson. Former porn star. Says she first met Tiger at his bachelor party ... where they had sex. Spoiler alert: It wasn't the last time they did.
8. Joslyn James. Current porn star.
9. Loredana Jolie. Playboy model and hooker linked to Tiger by her pimp.
10. Julie Postle. Also known as "Unidentified Orlando Cocktail Waitress."

And after some searching, here is the list of the last 4 mistresses:

11. Unidentified Female: Apparently she is a broadcaster and has been called a “cougar.” (Hate that term!)
12. Unidentified female: said to be in her 40s, represented by lawyer Gloria Allred. This female is said to have also had a multi-year affair with Woods.
13. Unidentified female: described as a lawyer who desires anonymity.
14. Unidentified female: Said to be a British Television Personality.

The divorce?

After all of these women have been named, you would think that Elin Nordegren would have filed for divorce already, however, according to sources, she is meeting with a lawyer to renegotiate the Woods’ prenuptial agreement. Smart woman.

As to the question of divorce: According to PEOPLE magazine, a source close to Elin Nordegren, Tiger’s wife, says, “She plans to leave Tiger.” And it seems that may very well be true as large items were poured into a moving van on Thursday, December 17th from the Woods home in Windermere, FL.

[Source: People Magazine]

Additionally, photos were taken this week showing Nordegren, 29, at a gas station sans wedding ring. After viewing the picture myself, it seems that she may have posed her hand in such a manner so the paparazzi would have a clear, obvious shot of her naked finger.

The recluse:

Apparently Tiger has not returned phone calls from close friends like Charles Barkley. According to some friends, Tiger has reportedly changed his cell phone number. He has not been photographed since a few days after the Thanksgiving crash.

However, it is reported by US Weekly that he is not just holed up in his home. He is still golfing late in the evening:

“A resident in Woods' Isleworth gated community in Windermere, Fla., tells Us Weekly that the 33-year-old athlete -- who announced Dec. 11 that he is taking a break from professional golf to focus on being ‘a better person’ -- has been spotted ‘coming by in the early evenings only for their counseling and therapy.’”

“After those grueling sessions -- which a source describes as the golfer ‘just apologizing over and over again’ -- Woods heads to a nearby course to hit golf balls "to clear his head," another local says. ‘He goes after dark so he can't be seen. For him, what's more therapeutic than hitting golf balls, the thing he's best at in the whole world?’”

[Source: Us Weekly]

The aftermath:

Reportedly, Tiger Woods has lost a few endorsements. According to The San Francisco Gate, “Accenture, Gillette, Tag Heuer, Pepsi, Proctor and Gamble, and AT&T see the writing on the wall and are already either bailing out, "reevaluating" their relationship with Tiger, or having their lawyers examine the "morals clause" in their contracts with him to see if they can make a backdoor exit from their financial commitment to him.”

[Source: San Francisco Gate]

Unhappy Holidays:
I have read in many publications that Tiger’s Wife, Elin, will file divorce papers before December 31st (Happy New Year!). I think it is sad to see a marriage break up, however, in this case, I know that I would file for divorce too. Money is great and all, but she’ll see enough in the divorce to more than cover her expenses for the rest of her life – and leave a substantial inheritance to her children. But if she’s still in love with him, and he with her, then perhaps they can work through this incredible ordeal and be all the more close for it. Stranger things have happened.

It may be an unhappy holiday season for Tiger and Elin, however, I hope that they do everything they can to ensure that their children at least have a Happy Christmas.


  • What? 5 years ago

    Reneogiate a pre-nup? Please. You do that when you are not getting a divorce. She is entitled to whatever is in it, unless Tiger decides to give her more.