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Unforgettable moments in Catalonia

Ideally located on the Iberian Peninsula's northeastern coast, Catalonia is a celebrated Spanish city that receives a high number of tourists each year.

A vacation in Spain is an ideal way for families and individuals to enjoy rest and relaxation, while at the same time experiencing the adventure and excitement offered by this intriguing country. Many discounted airline tickets can be found by those traveling to Spain, which adds to its popularity as a getaway destination. With a little research and comparison shopping, cheap flights to Spain are well within reach of the savvy traveler.

Catalonia is a decidedly Mediterranean city, due not only to its geographic location, but also to its cultural influences. The city's authentic history dates back to the second century B.C., making Catalonia a wonderful destination for the history buff. In addition, modern Catalonia has experienced remarkable growth and spectacular popularity throughout the 20th century, and its splendor still draws tourists year after year.

Travelers can easily lose themselves in the city, as it offers a broad range of attractions and activities. Catalonia's sightseeing opportunities are too numerous to count, making it impossible to experience them all in one day. To the north one will find the Pyrenees, which end at the renown white shoreline of the Costa Brava. In the summer season, Catalonia is host to over ten cultural festivals, and the region also offers an ideal variety of beaches for both families and singles.

Hiking in the region is an attraction in which numerous visitors indulge. Panoramic scenery, fresh air and tropical flowers are just a few of the many reasons people enjoy a day on Catalonia's renowned nature trails.

The Palace of Catalan Music is also an appealing attraction for both tourists and locals. It features stunning architecture, extraordinary sculptures, and stained glass skylights. This magnificent palace is a must see for anyone visiting Spain.

Regardless of one's vacation goals, Catalonia, Spain offers something for everyone, and those who visit this alluring and timeless city will likely return in the future. The cultural diversity and attractions offered by Catalonia ensure its future as a top vacation destination.