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Unexpected Teachers

I like to think that I am teachable and open to learn a lesson from anyone that has knowledge to give me that otherwise I would not have been privy to. However if I am honest with myself I sometimes close my ears to those Unexpected Teachers.

Their are the usual people that impart wisdom into our lives;

Mom, Dad,Grandma, Grandpa, Great Aunts and Uncles, Teachers, etc etc.....

But what about those Unexpected Teachers;

The old homeless man on the corner, the cafeteria lady, Janitor, or your child?

There are lessons to be learned in everything we do and everything that we encounter throughout the day. Today I was taught a lesson that I'm afraid that I almost missed. A friend of mine reminded me about my focus. For so long I have been focused on the wrong thing or to many things at once, never quite giving my all to any one thing in particular. Thus never being able to do my best possible with any of them.

This has been my story for years and it has caused me to miss out on a lot of opportunities that could have catapulted me into where it is I would like to be. If I could harvest all of my time energy and passion that I give to so many things to one thing, my possibilities could be endless.

I vow to change my name from Ms. Sporatic Romantic to Ms. Focused Purposed. I know that one great thing is in me that will make room for all my dreams to come true. I will live every moment from here on out intentionally and with purpose, seeking one goal and acheiving it. Giving myself and my dreams the attention it deserves. Not losing sight of the finish line.

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