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Unexpected eulogy delivered by 10-year-old boy for his grandfather goes viral

According to the Christian Post on Tuesday, a 10-year-old boy's eulogy for his beloved grandfather, Pepe, has taken the Internet and world by storm. Orin Jenkins paid tribute to his grandfather, Dennis Jenkins, a United States veteran at his funeral in Ohio. Orin is brilliant is his delivery, because he is funny as well as intelligent. Listen to this adorable young boy in the video as he acknowledges his grandfather.

Before Orin comes to the podium, the minister announces that they have an "unexpected" speaker that he gladly allows to come forth. Apparently Orin wanted to add his two cents in about his grandfather and the impact he made in his family's life. This is a brilliant speech that will draw at your heart-string and may even provide some grief relief for you.

Orin"I loved my Pepe very much. He was always laughing, joking around, smiling. He lives on because me and my sister still go to school together and learn and that's what my grandfather believed in," Orin says. "I most of all learned from Pepe, more than anyone …even my teacher. We're all going to miss him, but it's not like he's gone. He still lives on, we still do what he believes is right."

Orin and his grandfather had a relationship that parents dream of for their children. Orin makes it clear that grandparents are needed in our society, and they play a huge role in the lives of their grandchildren. This 10 year old boy has already adopted his grandfather's beliefs of getting an education and enjoying life.

Comments on Youtube applauded Orin for stating that his grandfather still lives on, and that he still does what his grandfather believes is right. Other people congratulated Orin for being brave to speak in public.

What good memories do you have of your grandfather?

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