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Unemployment rates for Metropolitan areas increase across the U.S.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, March unemployment rates increased in 321 of 372 metropolitan areas over the past year.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics also announced that the national unemployment rate for March was 10.2%.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics also noted that of those metropolitan areas, 164 had jobless rates of 10% or more compared to 108 just one year ago.


The Indianapolis-Carmel metropolitan unemployment rate in March 2010 was 9.5%.  This is almost a full percentage point higher than the 8.9% unemployment rate for this metropolitan area in March 2009.  In South Bend-Mishawaka, the March unemployment rate was 12.4% compared to 11.9% a year ago.  Elkhart-Goshen's unemployment rate last month was 15.2%, a decrease from 20.1% a year ago.  The lowest rate of unemployment in Indiana is in the Bloomington area.


The Detroit-Warren-Livonia Michigan metropolitan area has a population of over one million people.  In March, the unemployment rate for this area was 15.5%, one of the highest metropolitan unemployment rates in the country.


The Riverside-San Bernadino-Ontario California Metropolitan area also has a population of over one million people.  Like Michigan, the urban area is suffering 15% unemployment, also one of the highest metropolitan unemployment rates in the country.

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  • Bruce Anderson 4 years ago

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    Bruce Anderson

  • Bruce Anderson 4 years ago

    Bruce Anderson
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