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Unemployment in Obamaville drops to 6.7% making 92 million Democrat parasites

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December saw only 74,000 new jobs created, mostly part-time and temporary, far less than the 196,000 expected by economists. The official Obamaville unemployment rate dropped from 7% to 6.7%, not because of new jobs which requires 300,000 new jobs for each .1% point. The good news for Democrats is that 917,000 people dropped out of the labor force and are no longer looking for jobs. They are instead becoming part of the 92,000,000 Democrat parasites that live off of taxpayer funded welfare, fraudulent disability claims, and unending unemployment benefits.

Liberal’s unemployment percentage a fraud

Obamabots applauded their messiah who steals from those who are so rich they pay taxes and gives to these freeloaders so they will continue to vote Democrat. Since taking office, Obama has enabled well over ten million people to enter the rolls of Obamaville denizens and live off of the poor suckers who pay taxes to provide them not only with the necessities of life like food and housing, but cell phones, widescreen tvs, and other luxuries.

Obama stood at a podium to crow over his victory and ask for unemployment benefits to be extended, saying,

“We've gotta make sure this recovery, which is real, doesn't leave anybody behind.”

Mr. Obama claims that unemployment benefits is creating jobs and must be extended beyond 99 weeks by Republicans or they will show they want people to die homeless in the streets. TEA Party conservatives say Democrats are creating low information voter slaves and that, contrary to Obama's and Pelosi's claims that every dollar in unemployment puts two back into the economy, every dollar actually sucks four dollars out of the economy costing people jobs. Obama’s policies have left more than ten million formerly employed people behind.

Democrats celebrate 50 years of defeat in the war on poverty

In Obamaville unemployment is 6.7%. I America unemployment is over 12%. The over 90,000,000 who live off of government benefits, which does not include those who worked and retired on Social Security or personal savings, are living well and continue to vote for more benefits for themselves. Democrats have been taking money from Social Security for these people since 1968 and have had two Super Majorities since then to keep Republicans, who rarely have the majority, from reversing their law.