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Unemployment is not a turn off

Unemployment:  an icebreaker.
Unemployment: an icebreaker.

Unless you’ve been living in a remote cabin in the woods without internet access, which makes no sense as to why you would be reading this and frequenting dating sites, you will know we are all current cast members of Depression 2: Electric Boogaloo.  Our country, along with others, has fallen into a quagmire of unrelenting instability.  Many have been laid off through no fault of their own and somehow feel they’re still deserving of true love.  Imagine that.

Regardless of what the media is feeding you, most feeling the brunt of this second depression are intelligent, witty and deserving of your love.  Being fired is an unfortunate blow to anyone’s ego and résumé while establishing a history of poor performance, but being laid off is now a common occurrence reflecting only our economy and not necessarily downfalls in personality.

In the event of viewing a profile containing an “unemployed” job status or “less than $20,000 a year” in the Income Range portion, continue reading.  Gold Diggers Beware: ambition and potential success reside in the finer notes.  If you, yourself, are truly interested and deserving of love, respond to the one you found interesting and connected to prior to reading their monetary status.  If you’re looking for a Wall Street "Lonely Guy," wander the streets of New York targeting men with ferns.

In most cases, an unemployed individual has graduated college and continues to be dedicated to their goal of working in their field far before their untimely termination.  Always give this potential date the benefit of the doubt.  As long as this person uses words like, “wants” or “desperately needs” when referring to a goal, you’re safe to assume they’re not eating Ramen Noodles in front of the TV... by choice.  The search for work is as admirable as being employed at this time in our history.

Read the person’s profile carefully and look for ambition and passion.  If the profile was filled out correctly, the drive for success will be clearly noted.  Most dating sites offer space to illuminate one’s future plans.  If you are simply seeking financial support, alter your own profile to include the words, “lazy,” “undeserving” and “desperate.”  Male or female, you should have a dream and goal fueled by your own ambitions and no one else’s.  Meeting a similar match should only exemplify your own dreams and never be a means to an end. 


  • Dur 5 years ago

    The object of this article is to explore the person you're interested in before assuming they are unemployed due to laziness, since it's not always the case. The person you're pursuing could be lazy, but take the time to learn about their situation before assuming anything. You are the only one who can make the judgement call, obviously.

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