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Unemployment is a large issue and no cure is in sight

It takes work to make things happen
It takes work to make things happen
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Due to the current status of economy millions of American people are unemployed and the numbers are still rising as employers are making the choice to lay off employees or not hire. It is not only current employees being released from their jobs that are dealing with stressful situations but it is the millions of experienced job seekers that are being overlooked because they can no longer gain employment. In many cases there have been questions raised on the matter of why the current White House administration will not allow small business owners do what is needed to correct this economy and unfortunately there has been no response to that other than total silence.

Something many are not paying attention to are the many who have actually quit looking for work due to the economy status. The real number of unemployment is over 30%. Why is it so high, because those numbers continue to come from persons that are obtaining unemployed benefits. Those numbers are not from persons who just quit looking for jobs because they know it is not worth dealing with the stress or are aware this issue will not be corrected until ObamaCare is removed in full so small business owners can hire once again.

It has been proven ObamaCare was a very dangerous issue and never should have been brought into play because of the damage it caused to the working person and the small business owner. The millions of working Americans are still out of work and now faced with financial hardships in feeding their family and paying monthly bills. The larger question when will small business owners have the ability to hire again and when will the unemployed be able to go back to work and start paying bills again with less stress?