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Unemployment extension: have you gotten your extended benefit checks yet?

The economy just isn't getting any better, is it?
The economy just isn't getting any better, is it?
FDR Library/ National Archives

My friend Sue, in Minnesota,  got three retroactive unemployment checks last Saturday.

Things in Massachusetts seem to be moving a little more slowly.

A recording I heard when calling the Department of Unemployment Assistance said the checks were in the mail, but I'm wondering, has anyone gotten any money?

Here's what the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance says on their website:

Updated August 3, 2010: All claimants whose weekly claims certifications are up-to-date have been issued retroactive U.I. Extension Benefits payments beginning Saturday, July 31st.

If you don't live in Massachusetts, have you gotten any checks?

To recap:

On July 22, 2010, President Obama signed legislation making Emergency Unemployment Compensation and Extended Benefits available through December 1, 2010.

* This bill would only extend the date by which people can apply for extended benefits benefits. It would not   add any weeks of benefits.
* Individuals who exhausted regular Unemployment Insurance benefits since the programs expired may now file for Emergency Unemployment Compensation.
* Individuals who were receiving Emergency Unemployment Compensation and exhausted their benefit "tier," may be eligible for additional Emergency Unemployment Compensation or Extended Benefits.
* The legislation did not include an extension of Federal Additional Compensation, an additional $25.00 added to weekly unemployment benefit payments, for new claims.

The bill also removed the penalty for working part-time, which means if you lost your unemployment for working part-time you will be eligible for your unemployment benefits again, but those benefits will NOT be retroactive.

This may mean that you can work part-time while collecting unemployment - check with state's unemployment office to make sure.

Remember, what this bill didn't go was to extend benefits beyond Tier 4.  We are still fighting for a Tier 5.

For more information the Tier 5 fight (also called the 99-ers) here are some interesting links:

This is an issue I'll be addressing hard in the future

I have to apologize that I've been AWOL (absent without leave) - I had the flu as in "didn't I get a shot for this?" and was out of it.

Please continue to send me your thoughts, stories and comments.


  • Sue 4 years ago

    My unemployment was cut in half due to my part time job. will it go back to the higher amount?

  • Cecilia 4 years ago

    Have you stopped working at your part-time job? If so, my understanding is that you should go back to your higher amount. Did you call your state unemployment office?

  • Dave 4 years ago

    Has anyone in Massachusetts received an extended benefits check
    as of today August 10th, 2010. Does anyone know what is going on????

  • Jenn 4 years ago

    I'm in MA. & no checks for me yet!

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