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Unemployment and lack of jobs are Americans' biggest problem: Gallup

Unemployment in the USA
Unemployment in the USA

Unemployment and lack of jobs are the nation’s biggest problem at this time, according to a new Gallup survey. Regardless of the improving ‘questionable’ unemployment rate statistics released by the United States government, 23 percent of Americans say unemployment is the nation’s biggest concern. Previously, the United States government and politicians were the biggest concerns, according to a US News report on Tuesday.

Even though the United States Department of Labor keeps telling Americans that the job situation is improving, the percentage of Americans who believe that lack of jobs and unemployment are the biggest problems in the country has risen in the past month from 16 percent to 23 percent. Of concern over the government’s reporting of labor statistics, many experts and citizens criticize the government’s data as being extremely misleading because persons who no longer look for work as well as persons who are either underemployed or only working part-time are not taken into account when the data is formed – and released to the public.

The number two concern in the country is the economy. Twenty percent of Americans surveyed by Gallup say the economy is still of concern in the country. Again, this is a concern that the United States government and the Obama administration would have Americans believe is vastly improving. Obviously, from the latest Gallup survey, people don't believe so.