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Unemployment: A jobless state of mind and a summons for survival in California

The reality of leaving the company premises due to a recent layoff has become a chilling experience for survival. Notices stating unemployment funds have been exhausted with no extended benefits available until June 28 have been sent to those recently unemployed just after six months of receiving benefits in the state of California.

This jobless state of mind forces one to truly pinpoint and itemize those competencies and skills that can bring immediate financial and marketable stability in finding the next job. Exploring the local Glendale unemployment center or any job center in terms of finding a local listing of jobs available via their website is by far more effective than in their answering questions in terms of one’s unemployment status.

How can one keep facing this jobless state of mind?

Unemployment is commonly caused by financial risks incurred by the previous company. Stop thinking about the job loss and start changing the present situation by adjusting your resume to match the specific qualifications and responsibilities to various job boards on the Web on a daily basis. Networking with former co-workers can be crucial towards a job possibility at other companies and more effective than applying to companies unknown outside your job niche.

Volunteer work at a company or institution can bring knowledge and expand the experience of a new skill if a change in career is necessary. Ward off financial anxiety and depression by breaking open a 401k or 403b retirement fund if you have no savings to fall back upon. Both federal and state taxes as well as a penalty tax for those under age 59 will be applied. This is money that can be counted upon.

Call the bank for a mortgage moderation and any creditors. Claim an economic hardship due to unemployment on any bills that remain with a substantial balance of $500 or more. Sign up at the local recruiting agency such as Apple One for a temporary position until a better job offer materializes. Your job skills and competencies are a passport to a new working environment. The options are out there and require fast action.

The following links have proven useful in finding answers and seeking help towards finding a job during an unemployment survival:

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