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Unemployed Philadelphia Man, Indicted For 'Harassing Email' To Senator Bunning


  • Jon Weiss 6 years ago

    This type of abuse of power is becoming more prevalent in our country, which is why I have stopped all commentary directly to my elected representatives, and will instead leave them in the dark as to what I actually expect. Then I'll simply let guess at what I expect right up until I them have it at election time, both in the media and at the polls.

  • Lak 6 years ago

    Wow, I'm unemployed as wel,l and I too fired off an angry email to the good senator from Kentucky. That could have been me in Shore's shoes. Dam! That senator is a crazy son of a bitch and everyone knows that.

  • Steve 6 years ago

    This is what happens when power goes to the head of elected officials. Bunning should be ashamed of himself but of course he won't be. He is above the law and he feels that he can do whatever he wants. We are entitled to have "adult and mature" persons in the Congress. Bunning, by his complaint against an unemployed "and afraid for the future" poor soul who is probably at his wit's end, has shown all of us that he is nothing more than a despicable and immature child! Persons of Kentucky: Make sure you vote this jackass into office again! If you don;t like what he does in his next term e-mail him about it and you can get charged for "harrassment" too! Bunning is nothing more than a stuffed-shirt!"

  • Dave 6 years ago

    I wrote an angry email to Judd Gregg last night. Now I'm actually kind of worried. I do have lots of attorney friends who would love to take a case like this though.

  • mark 6 years ago

    This is insane?
    We should all send emails to provided addresses FOR such correspondences- harassing??? It is our job to check and balance those who are elected- they work for us. PERIOD..
    Least absolute power corrupts absolutely- is this not what we are taught? Senator, GET A CLUE!.. of course, I don't know the content of the email- still... move out of the way if you don't like repercussions for your actions.

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    BS, just write what you feel and use the Congress android app to give them a call. *everybody's there*

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